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Network Visibility Isn’t the End Goal
May 2, 2018 by

Industry Insights

The day security and monitoring appliances were added to network infrastructure was the day that visibility became a major IT concern. However, IT complexity has grown exponentially in recent years, making network visibility a bit of a buzzword. Perhaps the biggest reason is the widespread shift to cloud computing. Cisco research found that by 2019,
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IoT is pushing us to edge computing

IoT is Pushing Us to the Edge, Literally
April 11, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

Imagine an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart shoe that has the capability for workers to send or receive alerts while working in dangerous areas. The possibilities are just incredible. What we once dreamed of as future technology is now at our fingertips to create opportunities across workplaces and at home. As we see a proliferation
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The Satori botnet is waking up--are you prepared?

Unpatched Routers Play Host to Huge New Botnet
March 6, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

The next internet-crashing botnet is slowly starting to wake up. Since late December, a botnet known as Satori has been infecting new endpoints and generally showing the signs of a disaster waiting to happen. How should you brace yourself for the next large-scale DDoS attack? A Dormant Botnet Reawakens The last time we saw the
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Choosing the best network monitoring tool

What’s Under the Hood? What the Best Network Monitoring Tools Have in Common
March 1, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

From LAN to WAN, WiFi to VoIP, network monitoring is now critical for companies to get the most from their IT infrastructure. The network monitoring market is set to spike as more companies spend IT budget on tools that help keep tabs on network performance. But what really makes the difference? What do the best
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AppNeta's monitoring alerts are proactive

Move Toward Proactive Alerts for Network and Application Monitoring
February 26, 2018 by

Performance Monitoring, Product News

Too many software alerts can cause IT teams a lot of annoyance. Though they’re designed to be useful and prevent bigger problems, alerts from multiple systems can easily overload IT inboxes. We hear from customers that they want to use alerting more proactively, rather than continually just reacting to alerts that aren’t all urgent or
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AppNeta's weekly roundup of networking, cloud and SaaS market news.

WiFi Networks, SaaS Providers and the Challenges They Bring IT
February 23, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology

The cloud/SaaS honeymoon usually ends pretty quickly for IT teams supporting various cloud and SaaS applications. The loss of control over SaaS apps can be a surprise for IT, even as it also frees up time. IT team members are now at the mercy of SaaS application providers, which decide when upgrades will happen and
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AppNeta Performance Manager finds MPLS issues

Proving MPLS Issues With AppNeta’s Monitoring Technology
February 22, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

As part of the sales engineering team here at AppNeta, I see a lot of enterprise networks in action. We solved one interesting mystery recently. I was working with a customer on a proof of concept for our monitoring solution (AppNeta Performance Manager). On February 6, they were unable to attend a call we had
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Get back to basics with your network for better end-user experience

Back to Basics: How Well Do You Know Your Network?
February 20, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

How many businesses can say their employees never think twice about technology in the workplace? It’s a question we looked at late last year as end-user experiences become increasingly important for workplace productivity. But unfortunately, business applications of all kinds experience performance hits on a daily basis. As a result, we’ve seen the market for
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National Instruments monitors performance with AppNeta

Why Traditional Network Monitoring Tools Didn’t Cut It for National Instruments
November 1, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Supplier of test, measurement and control solutions Used by engineers and scientists Headquartered in Austin, TX 35,000 global customers; annual revenue of $1.23 billion NI’s Network and Application Challenges The IT networking team at National Instruments ensures the network paths for users are optimized and can handle the traffic between offices and the outside world.
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