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Planning Your Network Technology Future? Many Choices Ahead
by Christine Cignoli on

The fall ONUG conference a few weeks back explored lots of emerging networking technology and trends. Here’s a good look into some of those, including network infrastructure consolidation, where SD-WAN functionality is packaged into a larger product that also offers routing, security and other features. Then there’s automation, which one expert argues is the only way for businesses to get...

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Ten Questions to Ask After a Network Outage  
by Sharon Ward on

A network outage can be disruptive and expensive, so you want to eliminate the causes. This checklist of the top 10 questions to ask after a network outage can help you identify the reasons for an outage and expose any gaps in your monitoring. Ideally, you’ll learn from an outage to prevent others in the future. In addition to outages,...

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As businesses continue to migrate from expensive and inflexible MPLS network architectures, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) has emerged as a key technology for managing application and network load over the public internet. It’s particularly good for businesses with a large number of remote locations and an investment in MPLS circuits. What is SD-WAN? Organizations are deploying SD-WAN technology to pair multiple...

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Getting a full picture of applications in use on the network is essential for IT teams today. In the past, NetFlow functionality has been used to see apps in use. NetFlow, and similar technologies like sFlow and jFlow, is typically a router feature that looks at the traffic that's been sent and received, and then sends a summary of the...

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