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Enterprises by and large fell into two buckets when it came to how they’re network operations teams responded to the massive disruption posed by the pandemic. Some organizations resisted new wide-scale cloud adoption, fearing that a big network transformation would be more disruptive than helpful with all the areas of the business being impacted at once by global events. Others,...

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The 2020 State of the Cloud report from Flexera finds that multicloud deployments remain the enterprise networking strategy du jour this year, even if (or, perhaps specifically because) COVID-19 has thrown previous transformation plans off course. The report found that 93 percent of companies have a strategy to use multiple providers – specifically Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google...

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Tags: hybrid cloud, private cloud, public cloud, enterprise cloud, enterprise IT, enterprise WAN, cloud adoption, cloud migration, network performance monitoring, network monitoring, network management, cloud computing, multi cloud, multicloud, cloud

According to a recent survey, 81 percent of IT professionals believe that the majority of data center and network management tasks performed today will be automated by 2025, driven in large part by the rise of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. What’s more, 66 percent of those polled think the on-premises data center will become a relic of the...

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Tags: hybrid cloud, multicloud, on premises, data center, cloud migration, cloud adoption, cloud, cloud computing, cloud transformation, digital transformation, enterprise wan, enterprise, enterprise IT, network performance, network monitoring, cloud computing, network performance monitoring

Can Multicloud Management Solve All Your IT Problems?
by Christine Cignoli on

As the GDPR go-live date approaches in late May, we’ve heard some buzz as companies examine their data to see if they’ll be in line with the new EU requirements. It’s such an interconnected global world now that most businesses, even American ones, need to be ready for any GDPR fallout. Fines will be stiff for noncompliance. For most companies,...

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Tags: GDPR, multicloud, saas sprawl

Planning Your Network Technology Future? Many Choices Ahead
by Christine Cignoli on

The fall ONUG conference a few weeks back explored lots of emerging networking technology and trends. Here’s a good look into some of those, including network infrastructure consolidation, where SD-WAN functionality is packaged into a larger product that also offers routing, security and other features. Then there’s automation, which one expert argues is the only way for businesses to get...

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Tags: multicloud, network hardware, public cloud providers

To Cloud Infinity, and Beyond
by Christine Cignoli on

Both vendors and cloud users continue to push cloud adoption strategy ever further. This week in Building More Data Centers, Google Cloud Platform announced its third availability zone in its Oregon region. With the new zone, Google Cloud also added new services for users—CloudSQL and regional Managed Instance Groups, which can be used to spread VMs across multiple zones for business...

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Tags: cloud applications, hybrid cloud, multicloud

Cloud Adoption Is Not One-Size-Fits-All
by Christine Cignoli on

It’s always nice to hear the stories about a company’s entire IT infrastructure journey, and what may have changed along the way. These stories of shifting cloud adoption trends and plans are useful for anyone on a similar IT path. For the state of Kansas, private cloud initially seemed like the best fit. Costs quickly grew, though, from an estimated...

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Tags: cloud trends, hybrid cloud, multicloud, private cloud

Even for the most seasoned IT pros, the cloud is complicated. It can be difficult just to wrap your head around the many terms and acronyms that make up the cloud dictionary—not to mention actually mastering the technology. Unfortunately, complicated cloud terms are often combined to the point that their meanings are lost in a sea of conflicting opinions. Two...

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Tags: hybrid cloud, multicloud

For your weekly dose of industry numbers, let’s start with this: Just 1% of cloud survey respondents will use no cloud services at all in the next two years. That’s according to the Interop ITX/InformationWeek survey on the state of cloud computing. We’re curious how even that 1% is managing to avoid the rapid rise of SaaS apps and public...

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Tags: hybrid cloud, multicloud, networking hardware

How to Embrace Multicloud
by Christine Cignoli on

Just when you thought you’d heard every cloud-related term out there, here’s a new(ish) one: multicloud. This one, at least, is pretty straightforward. It refers to businesses using more than one public cloud provider at a time. Now that there’s more than one mature public cloud option (sorry, AWS), you can actually take a best-of-breed approach to cloud computing. Multicloud...

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Tags: cloud adoption, cloud strategy, multicloud



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