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Not only are branch offices growing in number as enterprises ramp up decentralization, but so is the data being generated at the branch and where that traffic goes. With IaaS and SaaS transforming how apps are delivered to branch locations, these offices are increasingly connecting to both cloud providers and their corporate data centers (if not retiring their dependency on...

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Tags: public cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud migration, cloud computing, cloud, IT, enterprise IT, enterprise network, enterprise WAN, SDWAN, SD WAN, MPLS, IaaS, SaaS, remote workforce, remote workers, remote work, work from home, remote location, remote office, branch office, Wifi6, Wifi, 5G, Internet of Things, IoT

In an industry where acronyms and initialisms are a dime a dozen, few tech terms are as ubiquitous in the world of enterprise networking as MPLS and SD-WAN. Sure, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and UCaaS represent buzzworthy new workflows that have changed how enterprise IT teams are managing their tech footprints. But when it comes to the underlying networks that support...

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Tags: network performance, network management, network performance monitoring, enterprise network, enterprise WAN, enterprise, UCaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, LAN, WAN, SDWAN, SD WAN, MPLS

In Brief: Investigating MPLS Overutilization
by Érico Barcelos on

IN PRACTICE | This article is part of a series of posts sharing examples of how AppNeta users have leveraged the service to solve performance problems. Since business class networks are expensive, it’s important for the organizations that use them to have visibility into how they are used so they can make informed decisions. If the network becomes oversaturated, do...

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Tags: in practice, IT troubleshooting, MPLS, Netflix, Use case, YouTube

As part of the sales engineering team here at AppNeta, I see a lot of enterprise networks in action. We solved one interesting mystery recently. I was working with a customer on a proof of concept for our monitoring solution (AppNeta Performance Manager). On February 6, they were unable to attend a call we had set up, due to a...

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Tags: AppNeta Performance Manager, MPLS, network monitoring, WAN

SD-WAN was originally designed to be the successor technology to MPLS networks, but it doesn’t appear to have worked out that way. Research from Nemertes has shown that nearly 80% of companies with a pre-existing MPLS deployment retain the technology after SD-WAN adoption. Clearly there is some synergy between SD-WAN and MPLS. How does an older technology co-exist with a...

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Tags: MPLS, SD WAN, SD WAN monitoring

SD-WAN Monitoring: The Context Conundrum
by Christine Cignoli on

Software-defined architecture is the next big thing for networks, allowing companies to shift away from costly, inflexible hardware to more agile and adaptable solutions. Consider software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), which some experts see as the natural replacement of multi-protocol label-switching (MPLS) solutions currently in use. There’s some justification for this position, since SD-WAN offers reduced costs and greater flexibility....

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Tags: application monitoring, MPLS, SD WAN monitoring

Choosing Network Infrastructure for Modern Apps and Users
by Christine Cignoli on

With ONUG Fall 2017 coming up next week, we’re taking a moment to reflect on some of the big network changes and trends of the year. So many parts of IT infrastructure are now overlapping, and networking technology is the glue that holds it all together. New demands on the network, with SaaS, cloud and now IoT in the picture,...

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Users Need Better Network Performance, Whatever Their Location
by Christine Cignoli on

Which approach is your company taking with MPLS? This breakdown covers the various use cases that might drive the SD-WAN vs. MPLS decision. Remote locations with a lot of streaming business-critical applications (VoIP call centers, maybe) will still likely need MPLS to keep performance strong. But for cloud-driven companies, SD-WAN products that are cloud-enabled can be a win. As the...

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Tags: MPLS, remote office monitoring, retail monitoring, SD WAN

The Road to Better Performance Is Paved With Networking Technology
by Christine Cignoli on

We always like to hear the stories of those IT early adopters for a new technology. In this story, it’s several heads of IT who’ve adopted SD-WAN. For both, their companies needed a better way to provision and manage branch office infrastructure. For one, the Bay Club Company, using SD-WAN is actually helping IT drive revenue. Provisioning new locations is...

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Tags: MPLS, remote office monitoring, SD WAN, WAN

SD-WAN Won't Push MPLS Out
by Christine Cignoli on

It may have seemed for a moment there that MPLS was on its way out as SD-WAN came onto the scene and businesses with remote locations used more public internet. That’s probably not the case, though. A recent Nemertes Research survey found that about 21% of organizations are deploying some kind of SD-WAN technology. Notably, though, they aren’t getting rid...

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