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At AppNeta, we use the latest industry-standard security methods to ensure that data transfer and data storage are completely secure in transit and at rest for our customers. As a result, we will be upgrading all client connections to our API as well as our AppNeta Performance Manager UI to use HTTP over TLS (HTTPS) in support TLS 1.2. This...

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Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta to deliver industry-leading flexibility for...

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We’re excited to announce some recent updates to AppNeta Performance Manager, specifically the Delivery and Experience parts of our product. As always, get in touch with questions on any of these topics. You can also check out release notes and see upcoming maintenance windows online. Application Delivery Status at a Glance In our Delivery tool, we’ve redesigned the GeoMap dashboard...

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Synthetic monitoring uses scripting to simulate what actual users are experiencing in a SaaS or web application. IT often doesn’t have to interact with SaaS or web apps, especially if they’re only used by certain users or departments. So synthetic monitoring helps IT to understand baseline performance over time, then see deviations from it when users complain. Synthetic monitoring can...

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