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New FREE iOS App for Network Performance
by Team AppNeta on

Attention all iPhone and iPad users – you can now get network performance data from your iPhone and iPad! AppNeta’s new PathTest iOS app gives you easy access from your mobile device so you can assess, monitor and troubleshoot your network performance from anywhere in just seconds. PathTest iOS for iPad and iPhone can be easily downloaded for free in the App Store. PathTest iOS is a free tool...

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Measure Network Performance from your iPad
by Team AppNeta on

Attention all iPad users – there is a new (FREE) app in town! PathTest gives your easy and accurate measurement of your network performance over Wi-Fi or your cellular provider. Get the app now – click here to download PathTest. With PathTest you can: Determine your network’s actual upload and download performance Measure the performance from your network to multiple internet targets or enter...

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Got BYOD? Get in Control with AppNeta
by Team AppNeta on

Are your employees deploying personal devices on your company’s network? If the answer is no, you should think again. 84% of smartphone users are also using their devices at work. While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) could mean increased productivity for your employees, it also is a potential threat to your overall network performance and the delivery of the applications...

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Tags: bandwidth, byod, mobile, NPM

According to this report by the Pew Research Center (February 2012), 46% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in May 2011. Smartphone owners now outnumber users of more basic phones. These smartphone users are bringing their personal devices to work and connecting them to your network. For many businesses, an open BYOD policy...

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Tags: application performance, bandwidth, byod, FlowView, mobile, network speed, NPM, streaming media

BYOD: Top 3 Ways It Can Break Your Network…
by Team AppNeta on

Gone are the days when organizations would give their employees a PC and expect it to be the only device used on the network. It’s a “bring your own device” (BYOD) world out there now, and the trend to allow users to bring their own smart phones, tablets and other mobile gear to work is only going to accelerate. That...

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Tags: byod, mobile, NPM, streaming media

The Siri Test: How Much Bandwidth is She Using?
by Team AppNeta on

In the age of smart phones, data plans and usage caps, many questions come up when looking into your cellphone bill.  It seems there are unlimited applications and features are swallowing up data. Have you ever wondered what else is using up your data? Checking mail, sending mail, playing games and using apps use data and affect your plan and...

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Tags: bandwidth, FlowView, mobile, PathView Cloud

Burgeoning growth in the use of mobile devices is surely among the most significant trends impacting enterprise communications. Much of this growth is uncontrolled, as droves of employees increasingly make use of their personal mobile devices over company networks, as they’re accustomed to doing at home. How can you get a handle on what your mobile users are up to,...

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Tags: bandwidth, flow analysis, mobile, NPM, video conferencing, voip



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