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Archive of posts with tag 'LAN'

Managing WAN vs. LAN to Make Your Business Feel Like One Company
by Christine Cignoli on

The internet and rise of mobility mean that business users and the information systems they rely on are rarely in the same place any more. Users depend on their own devices, virtualization means their desktop isn't always on their desktop, applications run remotely and even simple telecom services are delivered via the internet. In addition, API-based services, big data and...

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Tags: LAN, network performance monitoring, WAN

OpenFlow: Your Remote Control to Network Management?
by Team AppNeta on

It is a long accepted practice to build three-tier data center LANs based on access, distribution and core switches. But now data center LANs are being re-architected to meet the demands of virtualization, SaaS and cloud computing. The question now is, what architectures and technologies are appropriate  for this new purpose? For example, what is the best alternative to the...

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Tags: cloud, LAN, NPM, saas, virtualization

Best Practices for Pre Deployment Network Assessment
by Team AppNeta on

Many organizations underestimate the operational and business risk associated with deploying performance sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing, IP storage or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to remote locations. Other projects such as transitioning to a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network or integrating company networks due to a merger or acquisition can present significant performance problems for business critical services Prior...

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Tags: application deployment, best practices, LAN, remote networks, video conferencing, voip, WAN


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