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Weekly Packet: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means to IT
by Christine Cignoli on

This week brought a few great stories about IT gaining more respect as a critical part of business success. First, this Forbes story takes a detailed look at IT jobs and the cloud to delve into how IT’s role is becoming more clear. It’s a reminder that we’re moving past the initial “cloud will take my job” fear that came...

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Building from scratch is never easy. A good plan, like anyone who has ever built Legos will know, can make it much simpler. Setting up a new remote office can be an exciting time for a business. New environments can breed creativity and bolster productivity if set up correctly. But what if the marketing department can’t access the internet to...

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Weekly Packet: IT Gets Busier, Downtime Gets Pricier
by Christine Cignoli on

Welcome to Friday, and may yours be pleasant and relaxed, even in light of this piece of news: IT may need to add User Awareness and Adoption as something to consider along with the rest of its big to-do list, according to a recent Nemertes Research webinar based on its research. The “UAA” acronym refers to the idea of making...

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Combating Enterprise IT Ops Challenges in China
by Team AppNeta on

Many of our enterprise clients are growing and expanding to more remote locations around the world, especially in areas of high economic growth such as China and India. Accelerated business growth can be exciting and full of potential, but it comes with lots of strategic and tactical challenges for the business. When it comes to remote locations in heavily regulated...

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