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IPv4, the previous and still prevalent generation of the Internet Protocol, was designed to support roughly 4.3 billion devices. While this was plenty of capacity for the connected world of 1980, it’s tiny by 2019 standards. While it’s not yet true that every one of the planet’s 7 billion people is armed with their own connected devices, it’s increasingly true...

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Throwback Thursday: Remember IPv6 Panic?
by Christine Cignoli on

Way back in 2007, our team here at AppNeta wrote about the panic in IT about the coming IPv6 transition. It’s entertaining now to read about this particular panic, and about the more general technology-specific panic that has occasionally gripped anyone in IT thinking about worst-case scenarios. Back then, the big worry was that the pool of IPv4 addresses had...

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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, one of the great wonders of the modern age is hotels that offer Wi-Fi. OK, I’ll grant you it’s not as wondrous as organ transplants or using a crane to lower a robot onto the surface of Mars. But when you get to your room and find that you can log in ok...

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