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One of the main use cases for customers of AppNeta is understanding and ensuring that their critical web applications, including SaaS applications, are working well and users are happy with the performance. There are many challenges in making sure business critical SaaS applications are working well: accurately measuring the user experience, understanding how the local network, the wifi and the...

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Tags: bandwidth, features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, packets

Want to build a packet generator using free software and commodity hardware? Wouldn’t it be nice if that packet generator was just as fast as expensive hardware-based packet generators? What if it was more powerful, flexible and easier to use than commercial alternatives? My blog “Why Test NetFlow with Tcpreplay 4.0” introduced Tcpreplay 4.0 as an alternative to hardware packet generators....

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Tags: bandwidth, best practices, flow analysis, monitoring technology, NPM, packet capture, packets

In my blog “NetFlow Performance Testing with Tcpreplay 4.0” I introduced new IP Flow / NetFlow features that I recently added to Tcpreplay, with the claim that this is the best solution for testing Layer 7 flow collectors. Today we discover how Layer 7 collectors differ from traditional flow collectors, and why they need to be tested differently. So, what is are...

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Tags: flow analysis, FlowView, monitoring technology, network speed, NPM

When we set out to make a super fast and super accurate application-aware flow collector, we found ourselves with a dilemma. How do we test it? How do you generate complex combinations of business and recreational application traffic and at 10GigE speeds? How do we generate Candy Crush, YouTube and SalesForce plus hundreds of other Layer 7 applications simultaneously at...

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Tags: features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, NPM

Unboxing an Appliance for FlowView
by Team AppNeta on

So you've heard about PathView and FlowView, read some reviews, checked out our website, and you think they sound like they're just the bee's knees (and they are). You've talked to our excellent salesfolk, purchased an appliance and licenses, received your AppNeta login credentials, and now a box has shown up on your doorstep. Your new appliance If you've nabbed yourself...

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Tags: bandwidth, features, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, packets

Introducing Tcpreplay 4.0
by TR Jordan on

Today, we're excited to annouce another major milestone in open-sourcing our technology: Fred Klassen has officially accepted maintainership of Tcpreplay. After a major overhaul of the internals, we're excited to release version 4.0.0, to which Fred has contributed extensively. Tcpreplay is a suite of Free (GPLv3) utilities for editing and replaying previously captured network traffic. Originally designed to replay malicious...

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Tags: bandwidth, features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, NPM

FlowView: How We Did It (Part 1)
by Christine Cignoli on

If you’re into network traffic analysis, FlowView gives you incredible insight into what is running on your network with simple deployment.  This month, we’re celebrating you, the people who take the time to look at your network traffic with FlowVemeber, where we’re giving 10% of all FlowView proceeds in November to the national Movember charities. When we launched FlowView last year,...

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Tags: application development, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, technology

Why Flow is Better than Content Filtering
by Team AppNeta on

It’s a pretty normal scene in offices across the globe – an employee has some down time on their hands, so they head on over to social media sites such as Facebook. Instead of seeing a newsfeed full of status updates from their closest friends and family members, the employee is greeted with a bold “access denied” message. While the...

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Tags: bandwidth, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM

Now more than ever, IT teams need to know exactly what is happening on the network, and which users and devices may be contributing to performance degradation. This level of insight is essential to gauging the impact that various activity has on the network – and ultimately to ensuring the performance of IP-based applications like cloud services, SaaS tools, VoIP,...

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Tags: flow analysis, NPM, saas

Network performance management solutions are supposed to make IT’s job easier, but implementing the solution can be a nightmare. IT departments just don’t have the budget or the staff to deal with traditional network performance management solutions that require software to be purchased and installed, or that demand manual software installation, configuration and upgrades. Deployment also encompasses not just what it...

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Tags: cloud, flow analysis, NPM, saas

Before business productivity became dependent on the Internet, smaller companies didn’t spend money on flow analysis data. Even enterprise companies didn’t invest in expensive network hardware capable of delivering flow information at the scattered remote offices. It was never a concern until the Internet became a business and personal life line – and pipeline – regardless of location size. Personal...

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Tags: flow analysis, FlowView

Burgeoning growth in the use of mobile devices is surely among the most significant trends impacting enterprise communications. Much of this growth is uncontrolled, as droves of employees increasingly make use of their personal mobile devices over company networks, as they’re accustomed to doing at home. How can you get a handle on what your mobile users are up to,...

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Tags: bandwidth, flow analysis, mobile, NPM, video conferencing, voip

Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on! Telecommuting in all its forms has been on the rise for years. Today the trend is accelerating dramatically as affordable, cloud-based technology, rising gas prices, and pressure to reduce facilities’ operating costs all converge to make telework more attractive for all—and the enterprise more distributed than ever....

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Tags: flow analysis, FlowView, legacy, PathView Cloud, remote networks, unified communications

We like to celebrate our history! Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from its inception as Apparent Networks. Thanks to multiple snowballing trends like cloud computing, SaaS, virtual desktops, IP storage, mobility and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), more and more companies are delivering critical, network-dependent IT services to more and more remote users. The adoption of Cloud...

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Tags: cloud, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, PathView Cloud

Sound familiar? I know this is a question many of you ask yourself regularly, if not daily. There aren’t too many people that would debate the value provided by understanding flow data: the ability to get deep and near real-time insight into the applications and users that are consuming resources on your network.  Flow analysis has been built into a...

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Tags: bandwidth, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, PathView Cloud

Packet Capture for the Masses
by Team AppNeta on

I spend a good amount of time talking to people about computer networks, their company’s networks, their customers’ networks, telco providers, etc, and the most common question that comes up is “What is using up all my network capacity.” For such a fundamental question this is surprising difficult to answer for the vast majority of companies. Any network engineer worth...

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Tags: flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, packet capture, packets


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