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ERP cloud systems are challenging

ERP is Changing Because of the Cloud—How Should IT Departments Change in Return?
January 18, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

The cloud changes things, and not always in a good way. A recent survey from the security vendor AlgoSec shows that 30% of companies find that their applications don’t work as expected after a cloud migration. ERP is no exception to that rule. Those using cloud ERP solutions increasingly find that once their vendors finish
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Ensuring the Performance of Today’s Distributed Systems
December 11, 2014 by

Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring

Since performance is our niche, we’re always on the lookout for any articles, reports or blogs on the topic. A recent one that got our attention is “The Expanding Role of Application Performance Management,” written by Sebastian Kruk and published in CRM magazine. The article came with the sub-head, “Understanding and monitoring the end-user experience”
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