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In nearly every field imaginable, digital transformation is paving the way for improved efficiencies, from self check-in at hotels to finance apps upending the way we bank. But in healthcare, improving “the business” goes hand-in-hand with saving lives, or at the very least keeping individuals and their data safe and well – areas where digital transformation could theoretically be making...

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Network Performance Monitoring Critical to EHR Success
by Team AppNeta on

Healthcare practices today run on networked applications that connect remote users (hospitals, physicians, clinics) to centralized or hosted resources. Electronic Health Records (EHR), web-based clinical health programs, inter-site communication and online medical registries are all critically dependent on network and application performance. Any drop in bandwidth or increase in latency can make these applications unusable or inaccessible, potentially compromising patient...

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From the largest regional medical centers to small provider offices, today’s healthcare organizations depend on network sensitive applications. Electronic Health Records (EHR), ePrescriptions, web-based clinical records, online medical registries, desktop virtualization, VoIP, IP storage, cloud–based system, Software-as-a-Service — all of these critical applications rely on network performance. When bandwidth, latency and other key parameters fall below acceptable thresholds, network dependent services abruptly become...

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There’s no question that the healthcare sector is rapidly embracing cloud computing. Recent studies by IDC and CDW both show that one-third of healthcare organizations are already implementing or maintaining cloud-based systems – ranking third among sectors polled, just behind large enterprises and higher education. Healthcare IT organizations estimate spending  21% of their budgets on cloud computing over the next...

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We wanted to share the following blog post from Life as a Healthcare CIO by John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston. Today’s post names PathView Cloud as the Cool Technology of the Week. Cool Technology of the Week How many times have you heard the complaint “the application is slow” but lack data about server, network,...

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