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Here at AppNeta, we’re big fans of podcasts. When we aren’t stopping by some of our favorite shows, we’re constantly tuning into the hottest tech feeds, and always have our own hot takes on the news of the day. Now, we’re sharing these hot takes on our own show, Stories From The Wire: The AppNeta Podcast! To kick things off,...

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Tags: Stories From The Wire, podcast, DNS, Fastly, Akamai, network management, network performance monitoring, network performance, internet performance, internet outage, POP, SDN, CDN

We’ve quietly been releasing more features for DNS monitoring in AppNeta Performance Manager and it’s about time we talked about all of them in one place. Survival of the fastest DNS is built around the fastest responses, but AppNeta allows you to monitor every server and every response to ensure that a single quick response is not masking deeper issues...

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Tags: enterprise IT, enterprise WAN, enterprise network monitoring, network performance monitoring, network monitoring, domain name server, Domain Name System, DNS, DNS Monitoring

ECMP is a routing technique that allows traffic sharing the same source and destination to be distributed through multiple network paths of equal cost. This involves leveraging routing metric calculations with hash algorithms to determine which available “next-hop” routers can be leveraged at the same price point to deliver traffic from one flow to its destination. In simplest terms, ECMP...

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Tags: ECMP, Network Monitoring, DNS

Hot on the heels of our recently introduced DNS monitoring capabilities, we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced AppNeta Performance Manager’s Route Visualization capabilities with BGP data, adding greater context to the insights within the platform’s Delivery dashboard. Our new Route Visualization brings you the big picture. You can see how DNS, content delivery networks, and BGP work together to...

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Tags: bgp, BGP monitoring, cloud computing, DNS, network performance, network performance monitoring, SD WAN, WAN

While you’d be hard pressed to find a contemporary networking pro who still refers to the Internet as the “Information Superhighway,” the metaphor isn’t totally off-base. The Internet as we know it, after all, is a massive dynamic network of pathways that connect a global collection of enterprise- or ISP-owned Autonomous Systems (AS). Data travels over the Internet like cars...

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Tags: Autonomous System, bgp, BGP monitoring, cloud, direct internet access, DNS, DNS performance, Internet, network performance monitoring

This week there are two pieces of news in the DNS world which remind us that DNS is not simply “it just works” technology that can be forgotten about. Like many things, DNS requires a little ongoing care and attention! First is the US-CERT DNS Infrastructure Hijacking Campaign bulletin. It warns of an organized campaign to use compromised credentials to...

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Tags: DNS, DNS hijacking, DNS performance, encryption, network performance, network performance monitoring, networking hardware

AppNeta Performance Manager now supports DNS monitoring for Experience web paths!  Recent blog posts have covered some DNS background and the importance of monitoring DNS performance in a global enterprise environment, particularly the importance of monitoring from the perspective of your end users -- internal and external.  This post introduces AppNeta’s new DNS Monitoring capabilities and gets you started. To...

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Tags: DNS, DNS monitoring, DNS performance, network performance, network performance monitoring, performance monitoring

Enterprise IT and end users alike tend to take the Domain Name System (DNS) for granted. While those who don’t work in network operations might not even know what DNS is -- let alone the central role it plays in making the Internet a space humans can navigate -- even IT often just expects the system to always perform. DNS...

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Tags: cloud, cloud applications, DNS, DNS monitoring, end user experience, end user experience monitoring, network performance, network performance monitoring

Before the days of personal computing -- and well before the dawn of smart devices -- it was easier for the relatively few users leveraging the Internet to recognize familiar IP addresses, like memorizing a home phone number in the pre-caller ID days. While we may type URLs into search bars and click “Send” on email, computers don’t actually read...

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Tags: IP address, DNS server, DNS outage, DNS monitoring, world wide wibe, Internet, border gateway protocol, BGP, domain name system, DNS, network performance monitoring, networking hardware, SD WAN, SDN

Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta to deliver industry-leading flexibility for...

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Tags: AppNeta Performance Manager, bgp, DNS, Monitoring Points, Product Updates, SD WAN


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