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We’ve quietly been releasing more features for DNS monitoring in AppNeta Performance Manager and it’s about time we talked about all of them in one place. Survival of the fastest DNS is built around the fastest responses, but AppNeta allows you to monitor every server and every response to ensure that a single quick response is not masking deeper issues...

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AppNeta Performance Manager now supports DNS monitoring for Experience web paths!  Recent blog posts have covered some DNS background and the importance of monitoring DNS performance in a global enterprise environment, particularly the importance of monitoring from the perspective of your end users -- internal and external.  This post introduces AppNeta’s new DNS Monitoring capabilities and gets you started. To...

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Enterprise IT and end users alike tend to take the Domain Name System (DNS) for granted. While those who don’t work in network operations might not even know what DNS is -- let alone the central role it plays in making the Internet a space humans can navigate -- even IT often just expects the system to always perform. DNS...

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Before the days of personal computing -- and well before the dawn of smart devices -- it was easier for the relatively few users leveraging the Internet to recognize familiar IP addresses, like memorizing a home phone number in the pre-caller ID days. While we may type URLs into search bars and click “Send” on email, computers don’t actually read...

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