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Few platforms saw their profile rise as high as Microsoft Teams over the past 18 months, as the solution became the enterprise go-to for keeping newly-homebound workforces connected during the pandemic. As of Microsoft’s most recent earnings call, Teams now claims 145 million daily active users, nearly double the users counted almost a year ago, and the 32 million daily...

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Our Take on the APM Digest APM Predictions for 2015
by TR Jordan on

We’re only six weeks into 2015, yet I’m looking for signs that the “APM Predictions for 2015” which APM Digest published at the end of December are becoming reality. Provided in three parts, the predictions came from various APM industry experts --- analysts, consultants, users and vendors. Three themes emerged from the 45 predictions that I want to highlight and...

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Tags: APM, application performance, devops, end user experience

AppNeta’s customers deploy thousands of appliances at customer locations across the globe. These appliances continuously collect data about target applications and networks, then store and analyze it from a cloud-based management system. Management of these appliances is not an easy task. They are often installed in remote locations where local IT staff is not readily available or not fully aware...

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Tags: APM, application deployment, apps, best practices, cloud, devops, monitoring technology

Product Management: We Need Pipelines, not Roads
by Nick Austin on

Living in Vancouver, surrounded by the natural beauty of British Columbia, it’s hard not to elicit a negative reaction (if not an outright protest march) when talking about a “pipeline”. But you’ll bear with me, right? AppNeta is a growing company with bright employees and savvy customers. But, like any company on the rise we’ve endured our share of growing pains....

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Tags: application development, best practices, devops, technology

As an engineering team we strive to find the right balance between aggressively building out product capabilities and managing technical debt. At AppNeta we have hardened our process to define and manage this balance. Our current process involves virtual teams who break away from the feature development at hand to focus on technical debt in a specific product area for...

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Tags: application development, best practices, cloud, devops, technology

Detecting a Corrupt Solid State Hard Drive
by Daniel Schnabel on

Corrupted data is hard to detect since there is usually no direct indication in the logs. Many times when you notice corruption it is already too late because the machine doesn't boot up anymore or you suddenly can't run a command anymore which is essential for normal operation. Corruption itself is hard to prevent, esp. on flash hard drives. The...

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Tags: application deployment, apps, best practices, devops, technology

Comparison Views in AppView Web
by James Meickle on

Just before the holidays, we made a pair of big announcements: in addition to our first year on the Magic Quadrant for APM, we’ve just increased TraceView’s data retention to an industry-leading 90 days of full data. But we’re constantly releasing new features, and we didn’t want those stories to overshadow the launch of Comparison Views for AppView Web. While I’m...

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Tags: AppView, best practices, cloud, devops, features

The FTC is more responsive than NASA
by James Meickle on

Last night, the United States Congress managed to avoid a default with a last-minute agreement. But the reboot’s still in progress, and many federal government servers and services remain shut down. The cause of the online blackout is this set of guidelines released by the Office of Management and Budget, and in particular their answer to this question: Q5: What...

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Tags: APM, AppView Web, devops

Let's Talk About Your Application Performance
by TR Jordan on

Do you know how long your customers are going to wait for a page load? More importantly, how long are you making them wait right now? Back in the misty eons of time, it used to be easy to measure your application performance. You'd grab a stopwatch, load up your web application, and see what happend. If it was slow,...

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