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Public Cloud Success Will Require Rearchitecting, Fine-Tuning
by Christine Cignoli on

By the end of 2019, 60% of business will have moved their operations primarily to a SaaS model and away from on-premises, according to a recent 451 Research survey. Amazon and Microsoft have traction in the cloud market for these businesses, of course. 35% say that Microsoft will become their most strategic cloud partner, while 17% name Amazon. That’s a...

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Add SaaS and Cloud Security With Testing and Automation
by Kristen Ramos on

These days, organizations of all sizes are struggling to balance the constant demands of users with the ever-pressing need to keep technology and business operations running smoothly. Most businesses are undertaking some form of migration to the cloud. Done properly, cloud can offer high availability and help businesses avoid the potentially disastrous costs of downtime and negative publicity that can...

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Store It, Secure It, Share It
by Christine Cignoli on

At this point in the hybrid cloud evolution, data is accumulating quickly in the cloud and in data centers, not to mention moving from place to place. So it's natural that storage concerns are rising. This recent survey from Wikibon found that software services are the most popular use of cloud technology, followed by infrastructure and platform services. All these...

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