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The primary aim of digital transformation -- a phrase that lacks a clear definition, but encompasses swapping out legacy tech for the latest cloud apps -- is to streamline processes across the enterprise. There’s the promise of faster solutions, more connectivity between remote offices, and the ability for business to scale up with ease (and at minimal cost). Done successfully,...

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Tags: cloud performance, cloud providers, digital transformation, network performance monitoring, performance monitoring, saas, SaaS applications

Resolve to Declutter SaaS Sprawl With Multicloud Management
by Christine Cignoli on

Happy New Year! Do you have a resolution to declutter this year? If you’re hoping to declutter the SaaS application sprawl in your organization, try to stay realistic on that front. Most companies, according to these cloud experts, know they’re spending too much on disparate SaaS and web apps, but don’t have the time or know how to fix the...

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Tags: cloud providers, saas sprawl, SDN

Cloud Silos, Performance Pressures Are IT Challenges for 2018
by Christine Cignoli on

Happy December! First up, a recent survey finds that IaaS use nearly doubled from 2014 to 2016, and that enterprises are continuing to charge ahead with all kinds of cloud use. Multicloud use is already pretty well-established, with 72% of companies using between two and five cloud providers. We predict that staying on top of all these cloud instances and...

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Tags: cloud providers, SaaS applications, saas sprawl

As more enterprises move their applications and services to the cloud, we see a clearer focus on ensuring good application performance for users. That’s beneficial for end users and for organizations focused on DevOps and apps. And it’s a smart business decision—just look at recent APM provider acquisition data to see the size of this industry. Application teams want to...

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Tags: application performance, cloud providers, SaaS providers

Why IT Needs to Hold SaaS and Cloud Providers Accountable
by Christine Cignoli on

In an era gone by, IT teams mostly worked on hardware and software—strictly the technology part of IT. Buying the tools that the business needed was mostly a one-off annual purchase, or maybe more frequent if new products were needed. IT teams spent time interacting with vendors or systems integrators, but it was fairly transactional. Today, IT teams still decide...

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Tags: cloud providers, SaaS providers, SLAs

When choosing a cloud provider, you can look at brand recognition, security and storage features and other items. But cloud providers depend on networks just like the rest of us, and they’re not all created or configured equal. In general, for those considering the cloud, it’s important to match up the location of your end users and the cloud location...

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Tags: cloud providers, monitoring technology, network performance monitoring

5 Network Metrics for a Cloud World
by Christine Cignoli on

As the network has moved from a physical entity to a more abstract one, IT has valiantly kept pace by researching and deploying new network devices and functionality. IT teams have had to shift workloads and mindsets to the cloud and to SaaS providers, while remaining responsible for end-user experience—which is ever more important. But which network metrics can convey...

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Tags: cloud providers, network metrics

Weekly Packet: Sometimes Technology Throws a Curveball
by Christine Cignoli on

It was a rough week for Samsung and its combusting phones. This piece breaks down the supply chain issues facing global manufacturers like Samsung. It comes down to visibility—there are so many moving parts in building a product like a smartphone that it can seem nearly impossible to see every step of the process. We know something about visibility in...

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