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According to the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report 2019 from McAfee, cloud usage grew 15 percent last year, establishing a new high-water mark for enterprise adoption. The average enterprise now employs roughly 1,935 cloud apps, with business applications (ie. Google Drive, Office 365 or Salesforce) accounting for 70 percent of total cloud services. (This may seem high, but McAfee likely...

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5 Ways Enterprise IT Is Solving Public Cloud Access
by Andrew Sanders on

Public internet access has little appeal when it comes to mission-critical cloud connections. High latency, low bandwidth and patchy speeds depending on location are just a few hurdles that companies must endure. Here are a few ways you can troubleshoot your public cloud connections and improve cloud access for business applications: 1. Just Build a WAN! Most enterprises don’t connect...

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AWS Monitoring Tools Explained
by Andrew Sanders on

Managing security and performance in the cloud is a tradeoff. On the one hand, your traditional applications will certainly break—they’ll be unable to monitor the data flaws that occur in the cloud, as there’s no analogue in a traditional data center. On the other hand, you’ll have undreamed-of visibility—something that no traditional data center can match. This visibility is a...

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Software-Defined Network Elements Slowly Come to IT
by Christine Cignoli on

On the road toward software-defined everything, WAN virtualization could play an important part. SDN is useful for a lot of data center networking tasks, like switching. But SDN across existing IP networks doesn’t necessarily bring a lot of value, and many businesses wouldn’t be able to afford to invest in entirely new software-defined networks. SD-WAN, though, has emerged as a...

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