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It’s estimated that by 2025, more than 100 zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud. That not only represents a massive amount of data (to put it in terms end users might be able to digest, one zettabyte equals a trillion gigabytes), but roughly half of all the total global data forecast to be collected by 2025. For...

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Successful network management in the age of the distributed enterprise begins with understanding end-user experience. With thousands of users outside the office, enterprise IT has seen their management footprint explode over the past few years, with each remote user effectively representing a “remote office of one,” and all of the management hurdles that entails. On these new terms, IT is...

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Only 28 percent of enterprises are fully realizing the benefits of their cloud investments due to a lack of coordination between traditional network operations teams and separate units steering cloud migration. This is according to the recent findings from EMA and Bluecat’s “A House Divided” report, which found that 72 percent of enterprises see room for improvement in their cloud...

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Remote work is by no means a new concept, but recent high-profile announcements suggest that this model is fast graduating from “a novel approach” to an operational standard across industries. At Facebook’s recent F8 2019 developer conference, for instance, Stripe, a tech platform that builds economic infrastructure for web companies, announced that the company would be opening up a fifth...

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In an age when “appointment television” is a nearly-dead concept (outside of Game of Thrones at least), people still go out of their way to make sure they catch their favorite team or player live. We’ve seen it firsthand here at AppNeta. Take the latest Masters Tournament: Ahead of Tiger Woods taking home his first title trophy in over a...

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AWS Monitoring Tools—Bridging the Gap
by Christine Cignoli on

When you talk about public cloud in IT today, you’re likely talking about Amazon Web Services (AWS). As noted by CloudPro, it’s not even a contest right now: Second-place Azure has gotten to 7.1% of the market, but AWS dominates with more than 44% market share. What’s the secret? Part of Amazon’s impact comes from being first-to-market. Follow that up...

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Diagnosing (and Avoiding) the Top 3 AWS EC2 Issues
by Andrew Sanders on

There are a staggering number of businesses building their core applications around Amazon Web Services’ cloud offerings, such as their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). In 2010, Amazon reported an EC2 growth rate of 35%. It has been used for everything from creating an on-demand supercomputing cluster for pharma research to reinforcing the backend for music-recognition app Shazam. EC2 is extremely...

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When you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), you offload a lot of the responsibility for managing those services to the cloud provider. However, you still need to monitor those services and for two main reasons: First, you need to make sure the cloud provider is delivering the level of service you're paying for. Second, you need to make sure the...

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For those of us who’ve worked in IT for a long time, we know disruptive change when we see it. And cloud and SaaS have brought about the biggest change for IT teams we’ve seen in many years. These trends have turned traditional IT on its head, and that includes the way IT researches, chooses, purchases and then supports the...

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