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Archive of posts with tag 'cloud management and governance'

Cloud Operations Can't Be Ignored
by Christine Cignoli on

Lots of cloud technology predictions and analysis are still dealing with future spending and planning, but there are plenty of real-world cloud use cases and implementations happening now. One approach, taken by stalwart GE, is to use SaaS applications for non-differentiated uses. For them, that means moving functions like HR, finance, taxes and scheduling to SaaS, while spending their software development...

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Tags: cloud management and governance, cloud operations, IT operations

Is Your IT Career Ready for the Cloud?
by Bree Brouwer on

The IT industry is undergoing a significant evolution to keep up with cloud application demand. We see this happening as a mindset shift, from traditional IT teams to more well-rounded, cloud-focused job roles. The IT industry has become so cloud-minded that Gartner predicts that by 2020, this cloud shift will impact more than $1 trillion of global IT spending. This...

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Tags: cloud computing, cloud management and governance, IT jobs

How to Manage Apps and Make IT Life Easier
by Christine Cignoli on

So, were any of you looking for yet another business SaaS app to support? No? Well, your users might have other ideas. Google announced at its industry event this week that it’s splitting the Hangouts app into two: one application for video, and one for chat. That’s aimed at competing with the popular business chat app Slack, of course, recently...

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Tags: cloud applications, cloud management and governance, SaaS monitoring

Baby, It’s Cloudy Outside
by Christine Cignoli on

It’s the holiday season, and one IT wish list item may be cloud control and confidence. There’s a whole new crop of companies offering cloud management and governance services to ease the adoption and maintenance of cloud. There are a lot of challenges to getting the best value out of cloud, like security, multi-cloud management and end-to-end visibility. This time of...

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Tags: cloud management and governance, performance monitoring


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