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Who's Winning in the Cloud ERP Software Market?
by Andrew Sanders on

For some time, there’s been a quiet war going on between the top three providers of enterprise ERP software—SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Lately, that war has been taking place on a new front: the cloud. All three major players have pushed out cloud versions of their flagship ERP software within the last few years, with varying degrees of success. Let’s...

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Adopt Cloud Tools Only When Your IT Team Is Ready
by Christine Cignoli on

As networking hardware gets cheaper, it’s having an effect on how data centers are connecting to each other. As big providers like Amazon, Google and the rest start using SDN and SD-WAN more widely, the hardware costs are coming down. Those hardware costs used to be the biggest consideration when building and provisioning data centers, but that’s not the case...

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The cloud changes things, and not always in a good way. A recent survey from the security vendor AlgoSec shows that 30% of companies find that their applications don't work as expected after a cloud migration. ERP is no exception to that rule. Those using cloud ERP solutions increasingly find that once their vendors finish porting their applications to the...

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