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Cloud Choices and Cloud Costs Will Change Over Time
by Christine Cignoli on

The complexity of choosing and managing cloud long-term leads to tough decisions for most modern enterprises. One industry expert notes that choosing cloud doesn’t have to be the default for enterprise IT teams. Some applications just aren’t cloud-compatible and may never be. An on-premises virtual environment might be a better fit for a mission-critical application. Cloud platforms depend on the...

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The cloud offers many attractive alternatives for businesses and their IT teams looking for flexibility and quick deployment of all kinds of applications, large and small. But existing budget patterns—with a strong bias toward ownership (capex) rather than consumption-as-needed (opex)—means IT is stuck shopping for tools in an old-school way. Old habits and work styles have left organizations with enlarged...

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Cloud Is Not Always Cheaper
by Joe Michalowski on

There was certainly a period of skepticism for cloud computing, but at this point companies have almost universally adopted some form of cloud computing. Without a doubt, cost efficiency is one of the most frequently cited motivations for cloud migration. But be careful—there’s danger in blindly trusting the cost-savings promises that come with moves to SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Don’t...

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