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Cloud computing has been viewed as “the way forward” for enterprises for years, but it took a global pandemic for many companies to finally push ahead on their wide-scale cloud migrations. And while many teams had to rush their enterprise-grade cloud transformations to support a suddenly decentralized network footprint, now that the steady march to the cloud has begun, there’s...

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A survey of 1,283 software engineers, technical leads, and IT decision-makers from across the globe found that 45 percent planned to move the majority of their apps to the cloud in 2020. While 88 percent already rely on cloud infrastructure in some form or another, almost half planned to shift three quarters or more of their workflows into the cloud...

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COVID-19 has been a game-changer across the enterprise space, forcing everyone from the C-Suite to the factory floor to modify their workflows and embrace new tech as part of their day-to-day operations. A new report from Wind River shows that many enterprise executives aren’t viewing these sudden changes as stop-gap measures or short-term fixes before returning to the old way...

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AppNeta Performance Manager provides several ways for customers to integrate monitoring data with other systems, including the RESTful API Observer endpoint that allows you to send event notifications to your own receiver. With this ability, the opportunity for flexible integration abounds. In a past post, I looked at how to integrate AppNeta Performance Manager events into Slack channels. Justin previously...

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How to Turn G Suite at Work Into Collaboration Nirvana
by Lea Rabinowitz on

 For companies choosing a hosted productivity solution, there are two obvious options—Office 365 and G Suite. At first glance, they seem fairly similar. Both offer email, storage and a range of productivity tools like word processing, spreadsheets and presentation applications. But what you might not notice with one of the options is a little problem that could ruin your collaboration...

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SaaS Apps and Modern Networks Need Strong Management
by Christine Cignoli on

Here’s a philosophical question for network engineers everywhere: What does stability mean, anyway? The inimitable Ethan Banks offers some time-tested, practical tips on what makes for lasting network stability today. One important piece of advice is to control your impulses to play around with network features and functionality. Don’t experiment in a production environment, and don’t go rogue just for...

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Diagnosing (and Avoiding) the Top 3 AWS EC2 Issues
by Andrew Sanders on

There are a staggering number of businesses building their core applications around Amazon Web Services’ cloud offerings, such as their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). In 2010, Amazon reported an EC2 growth rate of 35%. It has been used for everything from creating an on-demand supercomputing cluster for pharma research to reinforcing the backend for music-recognition app Shazam. EC2 is extremely...

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Long, long ago, when computer systems of the old glass house-encased Big Iron variety failed, the situation was often cryptically described as an “abend”—a word derived from an IBM error message meaning “ABnormal END.” While the abend was usually accompanied by other codes or messages, it was not much to go on. Data center operators had to do a lot...

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