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IT Role: Raj Avinish, Senior Network Engineer Company: ATS Automation Needs: Network and application monitoring to improve performance for users at 35+ remote locations Results: Better user experience, improved root cause identification ATS Automation is a tool manufacturing industry leader, with a data center each in the U.S. and Germany. Network engineer Raj Avinish is responsible for the performance of...

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IT ROLE: Steve Aichelmann, senior director of IT infrastructure NEEDS: Improving internal end-user experience, especially for VoIP RESULTS: Proactive issue resolution, view of performance at 31 global locations As a leading data center provider to just under 1,000 customers globally—including 175 of the Fortune 1000—CyrusOne is known for its excellent customer service, enduring customer relationships and high customer satisfaction levels. It manages data...

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Cooperative of seven family-owned businesses 260 stores in 26 states Annual revenue of more than $2.8 billion The corporate network team at Bon-Ton Stores is responsible for the wireless guest networks at all 260 of the company’s stores, along with the applications that employees use every day. After they rolled out new guest WiFi networks in all of their stores,...

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Supplier of test, measurement and control solutions Used by engineers and scientists Headquartered in Austin, TX 35,000 global customers; annual revenue of $1.23 billion NI’s Network and Application Challenges The IT networking team at National Instruments ensures the network paths for users are optimized and can handle the traffic between offices and the outside world. They’d been experiencing performance issues...

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St. Luke's Health Network Empowers IT Users With AppNeta
by Christine Cignoli on

St. Luke’s University Health Network, founded in 1872, is one of Pennsylvania’s leading healthcare organizations, and is home to the oldest school of nursing in the United States. SLUHN is the fastest-growing hospital system in Pennsylvania. That fast growth means new challenges for the healthcare IT team at St. Luke's, specifically the network engineering team, led by Bryan Smith and Mandy...

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We heard recently from one of our customers about how they’ve been using AppNeta’s performance monitoring at their company, a healthcare support organization. (They’ll remain nameless here.) The key application our customer, the head of IT, is supporting is the electronic health record system for hundreds of hospitals and doctors’ offices. Reliability, efficiency and security are obviously the top goals...

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