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Consumers are well aware of how connected technologies are speeding up the delivery of goods and services, enabling new and diverse methods for communication and even breaking down the geographical barriers to where and how they work. But when it comes to the production of those goods consumers can order with just a few taps on their smartphone (and even...

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SaaS Apps and Modern Networks Need Strong Management
by Christine Cignoli on

Here’s a philosophical question for network engineers everywhere: What does stability mean, anyway? The inimitable Ethan Banks offers some time-tested, practical tips on what makes for lasting network stability today. One important piece of advice is to control your impulses to play around with network features and functionality. Don’t experiment in a production environment, and don’t go rogue just for...

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How Big Data Causes Big Problems for the WAN
by Joe Michalowski on

Who doesn’t love data these days? For business leaders, the more data you can collect, the better. Some might resist certain technologies in digital transformation, but it seems everyone can agree that big data analytics makes business life easier. Everyone except IT leaders, that is. While business leaders add ever-increasing data inputs with IoT sensors, IT teams are left to...

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Weekly Packet: Public Cloud, Big Data Rule the Roost
by Christine Cignoli on

Watch out for lock-in, and consider a cloud broker. These are some tips on using public cloud that came out of discussions with a group of reps from large enterprises who have been working with the Open Networking User Group. There are some concrete tips on negotiating pricing and ensuring security—all very useful advice now that cloud is here to...

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