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Hot on the heels of our recently introduced DNS monitoring capabilities, we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced AppNeta Performance Manager’s Route Visualization capabilities with BGP data, adding greater context to the insights within the platform’s Delivery dashboard. Our new Route Visualization brings you the big picture. You can see how DNS, content delivery networks, and BGP work together to...

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While you’d be hard pressed to find a contemporary networking pro who still refers to the Internet as the “Information Superhighway,” the metaphor isn’t totally off-base. The Internet as we know it, after all, is a massive dynamic network of pathways that connect a global collection of enterprise- or ISP-owned Autonomous Systems (AS). Data travels over the Internet like cars...

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Before the days of personal computing -- and well before the dawn of smart devices -- it was easier for the relatively few users leveraging the Internet to recognize familiar IP addresses, like memorizing a home phone number in the pre-caller ID days. While we may type URLs into search bars and click “Send” on email, computers don’t actually read...

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Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta to deliver industry-leading flexibility for...

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It’s shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon around the office, with no user complaints coming in and the weekend beckoning. Then you get a call from the office manager at one of your company’s remote offices, several hours’ drive from where you are. Their weekly site backup, which should take about 45 minutes, now says it will take 45...

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BGP, the border gateway protocol, is a creaky old network routing protocol. It was updated last in 2006, but it still serves a useful purpose. Almost every packet that traverses the internet finds its way from source to destination via BGP routing. This is what BGP was designed for, and while it’s not always the fastest route, it can divert...

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When we say that networks are congested, we usually mean that a combination of too much data and not enough available capacity to support the applications are involved. We’ll conjure up metaphors of traffic jams, inner-city lane closures and other practical analogies to simplify the concept to users. The ubiquity of the internet these days deems these no longer necessary....

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