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It was a busy week for the AppNeta team at the 2018 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference, where we chatted with dozens of IT pros on the show floor. This is a new combination for Gartner, bringing IT Operations and Data Center disciplines together, which made for some very interesting discussions around migration and the pain associated...

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Tags: application performance, best practices, cloud, cloud infrastructure, data center, end user experience, gartner, IT, IT infrastructure, performance monitoring

Building from scratch is never easy. A good plan, like anyone who has ever built Legos will know, can make it much simpler. Setting up a new remote office can be an exciting time for a business. New environments can breed creativity and bolster productivity if set up correctly. But what if the marketing department can’t access the internet to...

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Tags: best practices, end user experience, IT scalability, ITOps, remote locations

Office 365: What to Consider As You Migrate
by Team AppNeta on

Many businesses these days are migrating to Office 365. It is important that when implementing a migration, they make sure the user experience is optimized both during the migration and afterwards. Gartner recently released a study indicating that, by 2017, 33% of all users will be on cloud-based business office systems such as Office 365. That’s because business cloud applications...

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Tags: APM, best practices, cloud, NPM, Office 365

We’re always keeping watch for the latest analyst report on the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market and few have caught our eye more than the report recently released by Gigaom Research entitled “Sector Roadmap: Application-management solutions for distributed and cloud environments.” Written by well-known APM expert, author and analyst, Bernd Harzog, the report delves into the numerous current challenges for...

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Tags: APM, application performance, best practices, monitoring technology, saas

Parallelizing FlowView: Performance Improvements
by Debojit Dhar on

FlowView provides detailed insight into the applications on one’s network, but to achieve this, we need to store a lot of data. Behind the scenes, when we are trying to get top applications or top hosts and categories, FlowView has two available data sources: Google BigQuery and raw capture files. BigQuery is fast for many use cases, especially when the...

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Tags: application development, best practices, features, FlowView

AppNeta’s customers deploy thousands of appliances at customer locations across the globe. These appliances continuously collect data about target applications and networks, then store and analyze it from a cloud-based management system. Management of these appliances is not an easy task. They are often installed in remote locations where local IT staff is not readily available or not fully aware...

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Tags: APM, application deployment, apps, best practices, cloud, devops, monitoring technology

When a Salesforce downtime occurs, it gets a lot of notice. You see it picked up on Twitter and in the press. With 93,000 customers around the globe, Salesforce is the poster child for SaaS services. Whenever there’s an issue, people start to question it and cloud services in general. If you look at the numbers, Salesforce is actually much...

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Tags: APM, best practices, cloud, monitoring technology, saas

My previous post described our product pipeline at a high level. In this post i’ll focus on the first stage of the pipeline - the Inbox - and how we use Asana to initiate company-wide conversations about improvements to our products. As stated previously, the Inbox is where features / enhancements / ideas for the product are born. Anyone at AppNeta can...

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Tags: APM, apps, best practices, technology

As companies turn to SaaSas a low cost, highly scalable, and agile way to host new applications, a number of cloud performance management and monitoring solutions are appearing. Salesforce led the CRMs in moving off of dedicated hardware, and other types of applications like email, project planning, and even EHR have followed suit. Moving away from installed software side-steps a...

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Tags: APM, bandwidth, best practices, cloud, monitoring technology, saas

One of the many challenges facing organizations these days is that certain parts of the business are either moving to SaaS or is already in the cloud. This brings a unique problem for everyone responsible for maintaining the web applications' availability, performance, and functionality. Organizations often struggle to secure and protect business and customer data. In the past, all the...

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Tags: APM, application deployment, best practices, cloud, saas, technology

The Hidden Cost of Multiple Tools
by TR Jordan on

As application deployments get more complex, the tools to make sure they're working have certainly more than kept up. Not only do we have tools to monitor hardware health, but there are tools to measure network performance, application performance, and resource usage for every conceivable piece of every system. Unfortunately, collecting data for data’s sake doesn’t keep any application running,...

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Tags: APM, best practices, cloud, monitoring technology, NPM

The Many Faces of eCommerce: A Comparison
by James Meickle on

As software continues to eat the world, ecommerce is starting to reflect the diversity of, well, commerce. But this growing market is also growing more competitive, so there’s a lot of interest in technologies that can help push businesses past razor-thin margins and into profitability. It’s great that “faster sites convert better” has become common knowledge, but stop there and...

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Tags: APM, application performance, apps, best practices, monitoring technology

Telecoms: The Impact of Over-the-Top Content
by Team AppNeta on

It’s Chinese New Year - Year of Horse. This used to be one of the best business time of the year for Telecom operators, in China for example. Traditionally, Chinese people took this time for family gathering, friendship bonding, just like westerners at Christmas. Being a “connection-oriented” society - meaning whom you know and what kind of relationship you have...

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Tags: best practices, FlowView, monitoring technology, NPM

Knowing which websites and applications are in use on your network is hard. The number of Saas services, Cloud-based services and smart device apps that are in use is growing at an astronomical rate. But if these apps are impacting the performance of the applications which run your business, you need to get a handle on them and understand their...

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Tags: best practices, features, FlowView, NPM

Product Management: We Need Pipelines, not Roads
by Nick Austin on

Living in Vancouver, surrounded by the natural beauty of British Columbia, it’s hard not to elicit a negative reaction (if not an outright protest march) when talking about a “pipeline”. But you’ll bear with me, right? AppNeta is a growing company with bright employees and savvy customers. But, like any company on the rise we’ve endured our share of growing pains....

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Tags: application development, best practices, devops, technology

Want to build a packet generator using free software and commodity hardware? Wouldn’t it be nice if that packet generator was just as fast as expensive hardware-based packet generators? What if it was more powerful, flexible and easier to use than commercial alternatives? My blog “Why Test NetFlow with Tcpreplay 4.0” introduced Tcpreplay 4.0 as an alternative to hardware packet generators....

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Tags: bandwidth, best practices, flow analysis, monitoring technology, NPM, packet capture, packets

As an engineering team we strive to find the right balance between aggressively building out product capabilities and managing technical debt. At AppNeta we have hardened our process to define and manage this balance. Our current process involves virtual teams who break away from the feature development at hand to focus on technical debt in a specific product area for...

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Tags: application development, best practices, cloud, devops, technology

Detecting a Corrupt Solid State Hard Drive
by Daniel Schnabel on

Corrupted data is hard to detect since there is usually no direct indication in the logs. Many times when you notice corruption it is already too late because the machine doesn't boot up anymore or you suddenly can't run a command anymore which is essential for normal operation. Corruption itself is hard to prevent, esp. on flash hard drives. The...

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Tags: application deployment, apps, best practices, devops, technology

Comparison Views in AppView Web
by James Meickle on

Just before the holidays, we made a pair of big announcements: in addition to our first year on the Magic Quadrant for APM, we’ve just increased TraceView’s data retention to an industry-leading 90 days of full data. But we’re constantly releasing new features, and we didn’t want those stories to overshadow the launch of Comparison Views for AppView Web. While I’m...

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Tags: AppView, best practices, cloud, devops, features

Gigaom Analysts Discuss Monitoring Performance in Today’s Complex Web and Mobile Application Environments BOSTON — December 5, 2013 — AppNeta, the technology leader of Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, today announced a webinar on December 11th, 2013 hosted by AppNeta and Gigaom Research. This webinar, “Application Performance Monitoring in a Multi-platform App Environment,” will focus on the challenges...

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Tags: APM, apps, best practices, byod, features, NPM

The fine folks over at KissMetrics put together a stunning infographic on just how important this performance stuff is. It's easy to get caught up in shipping features and polishing UX, but sometimes, the low-hanging fruit is the first performance step, not the 50th A/B test. Check it out below (click for a larger version) -- how does your website...

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Tags: APM, application performance, apps, best practices, monitoring technology

An Introduction to Client Latency
by Dan Riti on

What is client latency? Let's face it, users are impatient. They demand a blazingly fast experience and accept no substitutes. Google performed a study in 2010 which proved that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. Speed as perceived by the end user is driven by multiple factors, including how fast results are returned and how long...

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Tags: application performance, AppView Web, best practices, javascript, monitoring technology

Best Practices for Pre Deployment Network Assessment
by Team AppNeta on

Many organizations underestimate the operational and business risk associated with deploying performance sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing, IP storage or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to remote locations. Other projects such as transitioning to a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network or integrating company networks due to a merger or acquisition can present significant performance problems for business critical services Prior...

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Tags: application deployment, best practices, LAN, remote networks, video conferencing, voip, WAN


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