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Cloud monitoring with AppNeta for VMware AWS

AppNeta Sees Into VMware on AWS and Everything in Between
August 31, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

The partnership between VMware and AWS is good for both VMware and AWS—but it’s also good for IT. Any IT team managing a virtualized environment with VMware, which is a solid majority of IT teams, can move those virtual workloads to the AWS cloud without reengineering anything. Previously, VMware-heavy IT shops were locked into their
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AppNeta's weekly roundup of networking, cloud and SaaS market news.

What Should You Learn From the AWS Outage?
March 3, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

So, what did we all take away from this week’s AWS outage? Depends who you ask. Plenty of us in IT think it was a good reminder to consider multicloud and hybrid cloud environments—basically, do not put all your cloud workload eggs in one AWS basket. The S3 storage outage affected about 150,000 websites hosted
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Weekly commentary on networking performance and cloud

Weekly Packet: Post-Brexit Cloud, and Why to Keep Apps On-Premises
July 29, 2016 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring

Happy Friday, all, and thanks for voting on the name of this weekly roundup blog post. The big winner was “Weekly Packet,” so let’s get started on volume two. AWS and other cloud adoption could rise in the wake of the Brexit decision over in Europe, as a Forbes contributor reports. I find this fascinating,
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