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Combating Enterprise IT Ops Challenges in China
by Team AppNeta on

Many of our enterprise clients are growing and expanding to more remote locations around the world, especially in areas of high economic growth such as China and India. Accelerated business growth can be exciting and full of potential, but it comes with lots of strategic and tactical challenges for the business. When it comes to remote locations in heavily regulated...

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For us at AppNeta, Super Bowl 50* carried few emotions. Sure, we wanted to see Peyton sacked a few more times in his career or watch an awkward spiral fly into blue and black gloves, but overall the collective heart rate of New England wasn’t anywhere near what it was last year (in case you don’t recall, there was a...

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Today we are really pleased to announce the launch of the AppNeta Identity Manager, the unified user and account management system which is the foundation of the AppNeta Performance Management services. Control Freaks Rejoice As a great movie superhero once said “With great power comes great responsibility” (apparently different phrasing was used in the comic books, and with this capability...

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Selenium Monitoring: Language Abstraction in AppView
by Greg Higginson on

Traversing a modern web site programmatically can be a tricky business. Gone are the days of static content, plain HTML forms, and simple web flows where one page transitions directly into the next. In its place is a constantly evolving landscape of rich javascript libraries, client side MVC, websockets, and websites that act progressively more like desktop applications than traditional...

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Comparison Views in AppView Web
by James Meickle on

Just before the holidays, we made a pair of big announcements: in addition to our first year on the Magic Quadrant for APM, we’ve just increased TraceView’s data retention to an industry-leading 90 days of full data. But we’re constantly releasing new features, and we didn’t want those stories to overshadow the launch of Comparison Views for AppView Web. While I’m...

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We’re excited to announce a big change for both PathView Cloud and TraceView. As of today, we’ve completed the project that started with our acquisition of Tracelytics. Click on “Server trace”, and you’ll be taken right to the Trace Details page for that request. See it from the user’s perspective From TraceView, the reverse applies. Measuring the performance of real users gives...

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Demand Side Web Performance
by Team AppNeta on

As we prepare to launch AppView Web, I have been spending a good amount of time looking at web application performance monitoring and the tools available and the value they can provide. This is an interesting technology niche in particular; the most commonly referenced tools are polar opposites of each other in many ways… Monitoring systems like Gomez, Keynote and...

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Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on! Yesterday, Apparent Networks released AppView Voice, the first of many application-specific remote performance management modules designed to complement and integrate with PathView Cloud.  AppView leverages the strengths of the existing PathView Cloud performance management platform by utilizing the zero-administration microAppliance to assess specific applications such as voice,...

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