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Selenium Monitoring: Language Abstraction in AppView
by Greg Higginson on

Traversing a modern web site programmatically can be a tricky business. Gone are the days of static content, plain HTML forms, and simple web flows where one page transitions directly into the next. In its place is a constantly evolving landscape of rich javascript libraries, client side MVC, websockets, and websites that act progressively more like desktop applications than traditional...

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The FTC is more responsive than NASA
by James Meickle on

Last night, the United States Congress managed to avoid a default with a last-minute agreement. But the reboot’s still in progress, and many federal government servers and services remain shut down. The cause of the online blackout is this set of guidelines released by the Office of Management and Budget, and in particular their answer to this question: Q5: What...

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AppView Web Global: Now with Free Trial!
by Team AppNeta on

Today, we launched an important milestone for AppView Web: free trials for everybody! Monitoring performance has historically been a cumbersome process, including multiple phone calls with sales reps, paperwork trades back and forth, and delays that give any performance problem more than enough time to go away on its own. AppView Web's unique outside-in perspective eliminates almost all of the...

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An Introduction to Client Latency
by Dan Riti on

What is client latency? Let's face it, users are impatient. They demand a blazingly fast experience and accept no substitutes. Google performed a study in 2010 which proved that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. Speed as perceived by the end user is driven by multiple factors, including how fast results are returned and how long...

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Every year around this time, people start to give thanks.  Either for the things they have, for the people in their lives or for the great gifts.  During the following weeks, there will be mistletoe hanging, carolers caroling and a whole bunch of people shopping online for the best deals.  With all this shopping, there are network performance concerns all...

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows what happened yesterday – the U.S. Presidential Election. And while we were interested to see who would be named the winner, we were also interested in seeing how the election would affect end user experience of certain popular websites:;;; and Our AppView Web solution uses a...

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Finding Web Performance Problems Before Your Customers Do
by Team AppNeta on

In an era of new technologies and an ever-increasing presence of the Internet in ordinary life, the pressure to optimize Web performance for IT, development, business professionals and application owners has never been higher. Today, user satisfaction is everything: Your customer-facing Web application must perform seamlessly if you don’t want your customers to flee to the competition. Your mission-critical internal applications must...

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Demand Side Web Performance
by Team AppNeta on

As we prepare to launch AppView Web, I have been spending a good amount of time looking at web application performance monitoring and the tools available and the value they can provide. This is an interesting technology niche in particular; the most commonly referenced tools are polar opposites of each other in many ways… Monitoring systems like Gomez, Keynote and...

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