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4G Wireless Performance: Will You Support Me?
by Team AppNeta on

Every major wireless carrier is racing to deploy 4G branded mobile data services.  Although the mobile data user has been trained to lower his or her performance expectations, the wireless carriers are working hard to change that perception.  Can 4G wireless services support real time applications like voice and video for the mobile office of 1?  Can it replace more...

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Tags: APM, AppView Voice, jitter, latency, PathView Cloud

QoS, Wherefore Art Thou [Guest Blog]
by Team AppNeta on

By Cliff Chapman, Application Delivery Architect, LinkStatus Was Shakespeare’s Rosalind in a Telco’s QoS presentation when she inquired “Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?” She was hooked. QoS would solve all her Application performance problems. “I’ll just need Expedited Forwarding for voice and video, something middling for Thin Client and I’ll let the rest rot in...

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Tags: APM, AppView Voice, PathView Cloud, voip

The Unified Communication Way or the Highway
by Team AppNeta on

Particularly in technology, this consolidation can be witnessed in the jump in virtual desktops and virtual servers, both of which leverage resource sharing and economies of scale to save on space, power and ultimately, cost and complexity. At the same time, we are seeing more and more technologies standardize their protocols and use of network infrastructures. Unified Communications and Collaboration...

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Tags: AppView Voice, PathView Cloud, unified communications, virtualization, voip

Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on! Yesterday, Apparent Networks released AppView Voice, the first of many application-specific remote performance management modules designed to complement and integrate with PathView Cloud.  AppView leverages the strengths of the existing PathView Cloud performance management platform by utilizing the zero-administration microAppliance to assess specific applications such as voice,...

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Tags: APM, AppView, AppView Voice, legacy


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