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We’re in the era of data; more data, more locations, and more users to support than ever before. With global footprints, large enterprises face new challenges when it comes to network performance. When tickets arise, for instance, a centralized IT operations team may not know physically where a user is, what ISP they are using, and what “normal” may look...

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We’re always striving to help you experience your network the way your end users do, whether that’s at the remote office or across a sprawling web of residential workstations. Now that your team is managing users all over the map, the more granular detail into application performance you can gain the better, as this insight helps you understand what to...

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Network monitoring solutions, by design, should help bring clarity into your management stack. Armed with this clarity, your team can start taking rote tasks out of your day-to-day to help streamline network management from the ground up. Every convenience we can provide -- no matter the scale -- to help speed up deployment or make AppNeta Performance Manager easier to...

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Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta to deliver industry-leading flexibility for...

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Too many software alerts can cause IT teams a lot of annoyance. Though they’re designed to be useful and prevent bigger problems, alerts from multiple systems can easily overload IT inboxes. We hear from customers that they want to use alerting more proactively, rather than continually just reacting to alerts that aren’t all urgent or even necessary. Alert chatter happens...

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As part of the sales engineering team here at AppNeta, I see a lot of enterprise networks in action. We solved one interesting mystery recently. I was working with a customer on a proof of concept for our monitoring solution (AppNeta Performance Manager). On February 6, they were unable to attend a call we had set up, due to a...

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We’re excited to announce some recent updates to AppNeta Performance Manager, specifically the Delivery and Experience parts of our product. As always, get in touch with questions on any of these topics. You can also check out release notes and see upcoming maintenance windows online. Application Delivery Status at a Glance In our Delivery tool, we’ve redesigned the GeoMap dashboard...

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Every IT person has seen it happen...and some have done it themselves. Gaming at work is more prevalent than ever. Game clients like Steam and the rise in mobile gaming can cause significant congestion on enterprise networks. While many companies have segmented traffic from mobile devices onto a separate network, the amount of game-related traffic can still be astounding. For...

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Using AppNeta's API for Better Monitoring Data Integration
by Christine Cignoli on

APIs are the currency of today’s SaaS-based infrastructures. They allow business IT teams to connect applications in useful, creative ways to meet their particular needs. As a SaaS-based company ourselves, and with most of our customers moving their apps to cloud and SaaS models, our API powers a lot of very cool interconnected infrastructures. All of AppNeta’s detailed metrics and...

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We're excited to announce the availability of Google Chrome for AppNeta Performance Manager’s Experience monitoring! AppNeta allows you to monitor end-user experience of any app, whether internal, SaaS or hosted in a public cloud. The AppNeta Monitoring Points used for Experience monitoring are being upgraded so that your Selenium synthetic workflows are run using Chrome rather than Firefox. With Chrome,...

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Supplier of test, measurement and control solutions Used by engineers and scientists Headquartered in Austin, TX 35,000 global customers; annual revenue of $1.23 billion NI’s Network and Application Challenges The IT networking team at National Instruments ensures the network paths for users are optimized and can handle the traffic between offices and the outside world. They’d been experiencing performance issues...

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We’re excited to announce some new features in AppNeta Performance Manager for our customers. Our engineers are constantly incorporating improvements and feature requests so that our application and network monitoring product is easy to use and gives you tons of details to find and solve any performance problems. Deploying and Accessing AppNeta You’ll notice a few essential updates in the...

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Here’s a bold statement: AppNeta is simply the best solution for monitoring modern web applications and the networks that deliver them. The simple truth is that traditional monitoring tools aren’t designed to provide visibility into applications delivered via the WAN, whether they are internal or third-party SaaS apps. But AppNeta was designed from the ground up to solve this vexing...

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One morning last week, I came into the office to find that the folks in our Boston office couldn’t consistently access But of course I already knew this. I had gotten an alert from AppNeta Performance Manager that the app wasn’t functioning correctly, so I could quickly troubleshoot the issue. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at AppNeta, it’s definitely...

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AppNeta’s customer care team is a smart, enthusiastic bunch of colleagues. They’re so good at what they do that it can be easy to forget how lucky we are to have them here at AppNeta. After all, a satisfied customer never needs to talk to anyone up the chain. There are a lot of ways our customers use our AppNeta...

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We launched AppNeta Performance Manager recently, and after all our excitement over letting the world know about it, we’re getting down to business here with some more details. The best part about our product (yes, we’re biased) is that it truly does cloud application monitoring. It’s what you’ll need in the stage after the excitement of finding and deploying cloud,...

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How to Troubleshoot Video Conferencing Drops
by Team AppNeta on

A video conferencing partner of ours asked for help with a high-profile technology customer recently. The vendor’s gear was being blamed for frequent video conferencing session drops. This was causing friction between vendor and the customer’s network team, and pressure on the IT manager was mounting to fix the issue at all costs. The symptom: Otherwise healthy video conference sessions...

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