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Better Salesforce Performance, Better Business Success
October 13, 2016 by

Industry Insights

Salesforce uptime and performance have driven plenty of business success. What today’s users like about Salesforce is that it has a lot of customization capabilities and can integrate with other popular, business-critical apps. It’s possible for a company to connect Salesforce with any number of other tools, including email and marketing automation, financial systems and
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APM weekly news and analysis

Weekly Packet: Nothing Lasts Forever (Especially in Tech)
September 30, 2016 by

Industry Insights

This week brought Elon Musk’s announcement about his plans to build a sustainable city on Mars. Specifics are scarce, but we’re hoping Musk has considered the quality of WiFi service on Mars, or those travelers might be quite disappointed when they arrive after a six-month flight. Maybe Google’s new Station tools will help. The details
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Firefighting at Scale
September 7, 2016 by

Application Performance Management, Industry Insights

As many of our customers have discovered, constant firefighting of performance issues is not a sustainable plan for growth. It’s a common predicament, though. In many data centers now, older legacy applications are running some business functions, while newer SaaS and web-based apps are running others. They’re on different networks, with entirely different architectures. But
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Streaming Impacts of Rio 2016 on Enterprise Business
August 11, 2016 by

Application Performance Management, Industry Insights, Network Performance Management

4 Steps to Networking (and Productivity) Gold The Olympics in Rio are in full swing which means the world’s best athletes competing in nail-biting competitions… what’s not to love? For most corporate IT Ops teams it introduces new challenges at work… like your colleagues following their favorite athletes by streaming their favorite events to their
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All About the Metrics: Part 1, Application Metrics
August 8, 2016 by

Industry Insights

When we talk about today’s technology environments, we’re mostly talking about complexity. In the past decade or so, there have been some big changes in the way IT manages its resources and responsibilities. Along with the changes in technology (virtualization, cloud computing and others), IT now has to answer to line-of-business teams in brand-new ways.
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Continued Flexibility: The Key to Enterprise IT Ops Cloud Monitoring Success
July 15, 2016 by

Industry Insights

As the cloud takes over, enterprise IT Ops teams are losing visibility into the infrastructure and business-critical applications their employees rely on. Here at AppNeta, we are continually seeking to make our platform more flexible because we know how hard it can be for IT Ops teams to manage these cloud challenges quickly. Here’s a
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Get in your Spaceship with PHP 7 and AppNeta
January 28, 2016 by

Application Performance Management, Company News, Industry Insights

tl;dr – AppNeta is the first SaaS APM solution to support PHP 7 in production! As a web performance company it’s hard not to get excited when you read the hype around PHP 7. At the heart, PHP 7 is just faster. The fact that a large portion of the web, over 80% by some findings,
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We’re NOT Announcing Docker Support Because We Already Supported It
July 17, 2015 by

Application Performance Management, Company News

Towards the end of 2014, Docker expanded support for three major players in the cloud space: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute. Series D funding of Docker reached almost $100 million. With growing adoption, Docker is an important trend for future application architectures. But this isn’t new here at AppNeta. We’ve heard announcements for Docker
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TraceView - Total Requests

Check out the total requests to your apps!
June 26, 2015 by

Application Performance Management, Company News

The TraceView team has been busy spending time with our users, especially our users in operations who are responsible for making sure their apps can deal with fluctuations in traffic. We are happy to announce that on top of recent UI updates, we are rolling out a chart of the total number of requests to your
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Don’t Just Log: A Case for Why You Need APM
March 25, 2015 by

Application Performance Management, Industry Insights, Performance Management Tech

Companies have written extensively on the debate between using Application Performance Monitoring or using Logging to analyze web applications. Logging is a catch-all tool that’s both convenient and necessary for running web applications in production. Have an app? I bet it makes logs; drop in your favorite solution here! But if you’re concerned with end-user
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