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SD-WAN monitoring needs application context

SD-WAN Monitoring: The Context Conundrum
December 26, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Software-defined architecture is the next big thing for networks, allowing companies to shift away from costly, inflexible hardware to more agile and adaptable solutions. Consider software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), which some experts see as the natural replacement of multi-protocol label-switching (MPLS) solutions currently in use. There’s some justification for this position, since SD-WAN offers
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Common Skype issues and how to monitor and fix them

Tackle These Implementation Challenges to Reduce the Costs of Skype for Business
November 16, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

 It’s conventional wisdom that nothing worthwhile in life comes cheap and easy. With regards to unified communications and collaboration, that’s pretty true. One frequent promise of SaaS applications has been cost savings compared to on-premises tools. But that only happens when IT is vigilant about SaaS pricing, and savvy about which apps cost more and
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