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We hear from prospects and customers a lot that they didn’t realize they could monitor their entire infrastructure. That infrastructure today is complicated: The mix of cloud providers, SaaS apps and remote offices, along with tech-savvy, distributed users, can be pretty daunting. It’s not surprising that monitoring it all seems hard—it’s a concept that doesn’t seem possible for many in...

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Add SaaS and Cloud Security With Testing and Automation
by Kristen Ramos on

These days, organizations of all sizes are struggling to balance the constant demands of users with the ever-pressing need to keep technology and business operations running smoothly. Most businesses are undertaking some form of migration to the cloud. Done properly, cloud can offer high availability and help businesses avoid the potentially disastrous costs of downtime and negative publicity that can...

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Slow Business Apps: What’s the Worst That Can Happen?
by Joe Michalowski on

The closer the relationship between an application and your revenue, the easier it is to measure the impact of poor performance. This is why, for example, researchers found that an e-commerce site experiences 7% lower conversion rates for just a 1-second delay in page responses. Companies often invest heavily in performance monitoring for their business-to-customer applications. But it’s much more...

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