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Application Performance Management (APM) has traditionally focused on monitoring the infrastructure and the internal components of applications a company builds and operates. In the past few years, APM has evolved its focus to take into consideration the end users and how applications are performing for them. However, we’re seeing that there are other types of applications that a business relies...

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Parallelizing FlowView: Performance Improvements
by Debojit Dhar on

FlowView provides detailed insight into the applications on one’s network, but to achieve this, we need to store a lot of data. Behind the scenes, when we are trying to get top applications or top hosts and categories, FlowView has two available data sources: Google BigQuery and raw capture files. BigQuery is fast for many use cases, especially when the...

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Product Management: We Need Pipelines, not Roads
by Nick Austin on

Living in Vancouver, surrounded by the natural beauty of British Columbia, it’s hard not to elicit a negative reaction (if not an outright protest march) when talking about a “pipeline”. But you’ll bear with me, right? AppNeta is a growing company with bright employees and savvy customers. But, like any company on the rise we’ve endured our share of growing pains....

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As an engineering team we strive to find the right balance between aggressively building out product capabilities and managing technical debt. At AppNeta we have hardened our process to define and manage this balance. Our current process involves virtual teams who break away from the feature development at hand to focus on technical debt in a specific product area for...

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The Way Back Machine: APM Premise Software At AppNeta there was a time before SaaS. It too was a time of great engineering and building cool stuff. Back then we were still doing application performance monitoring and analysis. We required that our customers install our application (application server + network agents + users' clients) on their hardware sitting within their...

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FlowView: How We Did It (Part 1)
by Christine Cignoli on

If you’re into network traffic analysis, FlowView gives you incredible insight into what is running on your network with simple deployment.  This month, we’re celebrating you, the people who take the time to look at your network traffic with FlowVemeber, where we’re giving 10% of all FlowView proceeds in November to the national Movember charities. When we launched FlowView last year,...

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Here at AppNeta, we love it when a customer thanks us for helping them track down a hard-to-diagnose web performance problem. Over the past year, as we’ve helped more customers, we’ve noticed a few common patterns pop up, so we’re blogging about a few of them and their solutions. While every web stack is unique, when you start scaling there...

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Stop the Finger Pointing
by Team AppNeta on

Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on! Application development and network teams are collaborating more on how to improve application performance, according to survey results recently released by BT in North America. Network World reported on the survey this week. While the collaboration is happening, it’s striking that application performance has not improved, either at...

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