Stop the Finger Pointing
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Application development and network teams are collaborating more on how to improve application performance, according to survey results recently released by BT in North America. Network World reported on the survey this week.

While the collaboration is happening, it’s striking that application performance has not improved, either at first deployment or later in the application’s life, according to the survey’s creators.

The problem is, while they are getting along, application development and network teams do not know who to point the finger at when performance is the question. The network performance solutions they rely on do not provide a look at how an application traverses a network.

Apparent Networks approach focuses on the path, and can pinpoint exactly where the problem is. So the various teams involved know how to fix the problem. As we move toward more distributed applications, and cloud delivery models, insight into the application path will become critical. In the days ahead, you will see posts here about specific service providers that have adopted Apparent Networks solutions to provide this insight.

Sean Armstrong

Director of Product Management

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