“Sharpen your stack” and the Hybrid Work IT Checklist
by Paul Davenport Paul Davenport on

This episode marks the third and final installment of a conversation with AppNeta’s Chief Customer Officer Adam Edwards and Director of Global Alliances John Tewfik around optimizing network management for Hybrid Work.

In this chat, Adam and John have marching orders for IT and a specific IT checklist that outlines how teams can both expand their effectiveness and visibility while streamlining their processes and tools. This includes a look at a few specific customer transformations, including a Microsoft Teams overhaul, as well as one hospitality client’s unexpected and unique pandemic-era IT challenges, with actionable takeaways for each scenario.

The discussion includes some questions from attendees of the original roundtable that delve into the new realms of IT accountability in the WFA era, as well as a breakdown of BYOD policies, shadow IT and the need for teams to start setting their own internal SLAs—and to start leveraging network performance monitoring to track them.

You’ll hear Adam speaking first after I tee up the first question. Enjoy the show!


Hybrid Work
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