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by February 8, 2016

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AppNeta no longer blogs on DevOps topics like this one.

Feel free to enjoy it, and check out what we can do for monitoring end user experience of the apps you use to drive your business at

We’ve been busy overhauling the views that you use for keeping a pulse on the performance of the apps you monitor with AppNeta. There are two new views that I’m looking forward to sharing with you today!

NEW! Drill into details on a single app with App Map

AppMap - overview

Last year, we added an exciting new way to visualize your apps and the components they share (check it out!). Our users love their App Map because it:

Surfaces the most important information first

  • Allows you to tell at a glance if any of your apps are experiencing an issue
  • You can swiftly check health metrics across your applications
  • Discover any interdependencies between your apps

Gives you deep insight

  • Unlike other solutions with similar functionality, network instrumentation is automatically included for full visibility into a previous blind spot — performance issues caused by the network
  • If performance is degraded on any of your apps or services you can easily drill down to see more detailed metrics on the cause of an issue. Down to the individual line of code, metrics on a specific host or even detailed network insights for the specific network path that a connection relies on

Requires zero additional configuration

  • We automatically discover and display any databases, caches and third party APIs that your apps depend on
  • We automatically instrument and monitor the network connection any time a request in your app crosses from one host to another, using your existing host monitoring agent
  • Because tag-based filtering is pervasive throughout TraceView, everyone on your team can easily apply an App Map view that works for them
New App Map View

New App Map View — see upstream and downstream dependencies for a specific app

Now, we’ve added new functionality to our App Map that allows you to drill into detail level on a per-app basis. This new view allows users that are responsible for a single application to view components directly upstream or downstream of that application, using the familiar App Map visualization. You will see every database, cache and third party service that your app relies on, including those that are not shared with any other apps in your account.

NEW! Overview List

While our App Map view is perfect for focusing on where in your environment an issue is, the List view shows the top level metrics for each of your apps and is perfect for comparing the health of your apps from the top level (check it out!).

New Overview List View 

New Overview List View — quickly compare health metrics across your apps

Get a pulse of what’s happening across your apps right now so that you’re the first to spot any performance issues

  • Metrics auto-refresh so no page reloads needed
  • Real-time alerts catch your attention immediately
  • Sort your apps by the metric you care about most

Great for large accounts

  • We’ve kept page load time fast, optimizing the page to load health metrics from 500+ apps with ease
  • Quickly spot any apps that are currently alerting
  • Focus on the apps that you care about – categorize your apps by applying tags, “production” v.s. “staging”, for example. Use these tags to filter your views. Every user can have their own view for the apps they’re responsible for.
  • Your overview page automatically defaults to your most-recently selected view

We also have lots of other exciting changes coming to our App Map visualization, so watch this space.

If you’d like to share your thoughts, or take a peek at what’s coming, don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at We always love to hear from you!