Scenes from the Show: 2018 Gartner IOCS in Las Vegas
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It was a busy week for the AppNeta team at the 2018 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference, where we chatted with dozens of IT pros on the show floor. This is a new combination for Gartner, bringing IT Operations and Data Center disciplines together, which made for some very interesting discussions around migration and the pain associated with giving up ownership.

Whether we were talking with folks in healthcare, finance, government, or others, we found one challenge to ring true across industries: End user experience of applications is getting increasingly hard for IT to assure. We heard from a few about key initiatives around the experience of SaaS applications and from others about key migrations into public cloud providers.

At the core of this challenge is a lack of visibility across networks, as organizations increasingly adopt SaaS solutions that take full control of business-critical applications out of the hands of IT. Compounding this issue is IT’s reliance on insufficient performance monitoring products that can’t deliver a “complete” solution -- that is, monitoring for the end user that’s inclusive of all of the network pathways between the end-user and the applications in use. Considering 73 percent of companies are expected to run purely on SaaS by 2020, choosing effective monitoring tools today has never been more important.

In the Day 1 Gartner Keynote, The Future of IT Infrastructures: Always On, Always Available, Everywhere, the speakers emphasized the need for IT to prepare for the global scalability that cloud-centric networks enable. This includes empowering IT to ensure enterprise compliance in different markets and regions, and choosing agile tools that allow IT to monitor all corners of their network as businesses rapidly disperse on a global scale.

The Day 2 Keynote switched from breaking down Global barriers of entry to taking apart misconceptions about the true costs of cloud. During Is the Public Cloud Really Cheaper than my Data Center?, Gartner Managing Vice President Mindy Cancila discussed balancing the costs of migrating to cloud-supported network architectures against the long-term benefits -- with the understanding that companies will need tools that deliver visibility into networks reliant on the public cloud when they start retiring their privately-owned data center.

That’s where AppNeta comes in: Delivering a complete view of the network that scales up as issues escalate, and empowering IT with the context they need to take action.

Below are just a few of the scenes from the show of our team in action.

Senior Sales Director Mike Mattei walked teams through the AppNeta Performance Manager during the reception at the end of the second day of the conference.

Along with the knowledge of our team of product experts, our booth was also loaded with plenty of swag, including our popular “Plan-Build-Run” t-shirts.

Our Sales Engineering Manager, Seth Differ, shows the platform off to one of many visitors to Booth 356 during the show.

By stopping by our booth, all visitors were entered to win a SONOS One speaker with Alexa voice capabilities.

Mike, Seth, and our SVP of Sales, Mark Riendeau, in action on the show floor.

If we didn’t catch you at this year’s show, there’s still plenty of opportunity to learn more about AppNeta. Reach out to learn more.

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