Announcing SAM: SaaS Application Monitoring
by TR Jordan on

To monitor SaaS applications, IT teams have been using traditional application monitoring tools that are for monitoring internal applications — looking at servers and devices on the network to make sure they are functioning properly. However, SaaS applications aren’t on their network — they are over the Internet and in the cloud — making these tools insufficient for monitoring SaaS applications. IT teams have been seeking out other ways to make sure that a SaaS application in their organization, especially a critical one such as, is working and performing properly.

IT teams now need to search no further, as of today AppNeta introduces SAM, our SaaS Application Monitoring solution, which offers end-to-end, full stack performance monitoring over any network and into any SaaS provider from a single SaaS-based APM solution.

SAM measures the performance, availability, and usage of all SaaS applications across the enterprise. It addresses the needs of those IT professionals who are supporting the users of SaaS-based external applications by providing performance insight all the way from the application through the network to the end user. IT and operations teams will know which apps are in use and who is using them, whether an app is available, and how it is performing from the end user’s perspective. More importantly, they will be able to locate where a problem is and what the cause is before users are impacted.

To find out more about SAM, check out our press release, issued today.

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