Who Can You Trust (.Salesforce.com)?
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As recently reported by Forrester, large enterprise adoption of SaaS will drive its adoption rate to 50% of surveyed companies planning to adopt new SaaS Services within the next year.


The reasons for this growth are clear, SaaS services offer low up front costs, fast time to value and are accessible everywhere for a mobile workforce. This transition sounds ideal for most companies, with adopters using an average of four business critical SaaS solutions. Employees get a modern application they can access from anywhere they have internet access, companies don’t have to buy and manage servers and not make a huge upfront investment in software.

So what could go wrong? Oh yea… Performance.

An Aberdeen Group survey said that one quarter of users will abandon a Web application after just three seconds of delay. What if users don’t have that option, because the web app in question is critical to their job? They suffer in silence… or more likely they lose focus and productivity to the lure of the internet. Or maybe whine about it endlessly. None of these other options are good.

This is why AppNeta is proud to announce the availability of CRMcheckr, a new free app in the Salesforce.com AppExchange to measure the end user experience and availability of Salesforce.com, and all of the plugins you are using from your offices.

But What About the SLA from SaaS provider?

If you actually have an SLA from a SaaS provider, which is not a given, the SLA likely covers the availability of the service, and has nothing covering the performance you are experiencing. To be fair, your end user experience is subject to your IT staff managing your network properly, your ISP delivering properly, your interns NOT using all your bandwidth on Spotify and Netflix… things that are outside of the SaaS providers control.

These things are all critical to your user experience with the SaaS service, and they need to be measured from your location out to the SaaS service.

Isn’t this what Trust.Salesforce.com is already telling me?


Trust.Salesforce.com is a wonderful resource, but it is giving you the status of the internals of Salesforce, their Instances, and other critical services. Trust is not a representation of the performance your users are experiencing, this is the gap that CRMcheckr is designed to fill. It is true that issues reported on Trust will affect your performance, but they do a very good job running their service, it's much more likely that performance issues are dragging down your user experience.

Other key performance issue not covered by Trust.Salesforce.com is all of the plugins and apps in the Salesforce ecosystem.

I have SaaS Services, but not Salesforce.com, can this help me?

While CRMcheckr integrates directly, and only, with Salesforce.com, but the AppNeta service is designed to measure the performance of any web application. Any SaaS service you rely on we can measure the performance, identify poor user experience and diagnose if its caused by your LAN, Wifi, Internet Connection, competition for bandwidth from other apps, and even see inside the SaaS environment to find and recommend fixes for problems. This is all part of the SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) capability from AppNeta, announced recently.

If this is a web app that you have built, we can go even deeper with our TraceView service, giving code level insight to the causes of poor performance.

Can this help me with the performance of Plugins to Salesforce.com?

As the BlueWolf State of Salesforce Annual Review notes, the average Salesforce customer has 5 Plugins, all of which can greatly affect your users experience with Salesforce. Not all vendors in the AppExchange have the development expertise or operational prowess of Salesforce, and poor performance from any one add-on can drag down the overall performance. CRMcheckr will give you some insight into the overall performance, but to get to the level of how each plugin is affecting your performance, you really need the full SaaS Application Monitoring service.

How do I Get It?

Thats easy, its free and available now on the AppExchange.

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