SaaS Application Upkeep Requires Visibility, Vigilance
by Christine Cignoli on

The promise of cloud and SaaS was supposed to be that it’s hands-off for IT and won’t take up internal resources. But for Office 365 at least, that’s not the case. One study found that 70% of enterprises using Office 365 report latency issues on a weekly basis, and 33% report them daily. This story has more details about the Office 365 issues that many IT teams experience, including slow SharePoint performance and poor quality in Skype calls. These issues are only compounded by global locations and SD-WAN adoption. Measuring latency is a first step. But actually seeing every network hop lets IT figure out which part of the application path is causing the issue. Visibility will be essential to these teams using Office 365 and all the other critical SaaS applications in use today.

We’re looking forward to attending this fall’s ONUG conference. Here, the cofounder and co-chairman of ONUG discusses some of the big networking trends the two-day conference will tackle. The group is now seeing IT networking teams actually moving to off-premises networking environments. That means that bridging the gap between cloud and on-premises is now becoming a reality for IT teams. SD-WAN is one bridge, and ONUG will publish an API to let IT users create connectivity across cloud platforms with SD-WAN.

On the heels of the new iOS 11 comes this discussion of software—and that essentially, there’s always something broken behind the scenes. Software development these days is just a constant evolution of new features or revamped features, or features being removed. In each new release, though, and even in fixes to previous problems, new bugs will surface. It’s a good reminder about the vigilance that’s required when you’re in charge of a particular tool or deployment, especially the SaaS applications that aren’t hosted on-site.

Finally, a thought-provoking piece from Harvard Business Review illustrates how IT adoption helps companies thrive. The gist is that adopting a digital mindset is a path to success: More than one study has showed that increased use of digital technology leads to more profits. In one analysis, a higher concentration of IT workers was linked to higher worker output and profit margins, even after controlling for other variables. It’s not entirely clear why this is the case, but it’s a great argument for anyone in IT who’s worried about a robot taking your job.

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