Ruby 2.0 Released: Let The Tracing Begin!
by February 25, 2013

Filed under: Industry Insights

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TraceView Supports Ruby 2.0

Like much of the Ruby community, we’re excited to see that Ruby 2.0 was released today and to announce that TraceView supports Ruby 2.0 from day one (today).

Ruby 2.0 promises to have many improvements over previous versions including GC optimizations and a faster Kernel#require, which “makes Rails startup very fast” (who can’t love that?). Also the introduction of a more lightweight backtrace generation, module prepending, DTrace support and Tracepoint (my personal favorite).

See the full Ruby 2.0 release announcement here.

We’re looking forward to see some real world Ruby 2.0 performance data. If you deploy it and have some interesting data, let us know! We’d love to see and showcase the improvements (or regressions!).

So you’re ready to go – just do a bundle update oboe and off you go with Ruby 2.0.