Report: Legacy network monitoring tools don't cut it in the cloud
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A new report from EMA, a leading IT and data management research group, found that roughly 75 percent of network managers polled think their network performance monitoring (NPM) tools are “insufficient” when it comes to the public cloud.

Barely a quarter of those polled believe the tools they currently use fully address their monitoring needs where cloud monitoring is concerned, while almost 40 percent have been forced to find new solutions to bridge gaps in cloud visibility.

Thirty-five percent were so dissatisfied with the solutions their teams were employing that they took steps to customize or make their own tools rather than shop around.

With so much riding on the public cloud in the enterprise space, why are teams turning to incomplete solutions that aren’t built with the cloud in mind from the start? 

The problem with many of the tools that fail to meet high enterprise standards comes down to an inability to improve their software on a rolling basis. Forty-five percent of those polled said in order to gain visibility into the cloud, they’d need to purchase additional software licenses or modules as they migrated toward the cloud. A lot of it came down to perceived complacency on the part of the NPM provider itself, with one IT executive telling EMA:

“Due to complacency and limitations of the software itself, we had to get rid of [a tool]... It’s not worth the time and investment. We didn’t want to spend more money on a new version that was just a redux of an older version. I didn’t see any real progress in the product.”

Adding insult to injury, 28 percent of the network teams polled said their vendors had failed to even deliver a roadmap for cloud monitoring, something that may have been acceptable a decade ago, but is simply astonishing given cloud’s current trajectory.

As a result, many teams are taking the equally dicey step of adopting additional monitoring and management tools to help bridge the gap between their legacy products and the cloud. But taking this approach comes with its own potential pitfalls, as a patchwork of solutions require their own monitoring and quality assurance, and could deliver convoluted and complicated answers to otherwise simple questions.

The answer to all of these networking woes is to seek out a comprehensive solution that takes a holistic approach. Teams shouldn’t be hopping between multiple panes of glass to get to the root of an issue quickly, and they shouldn’t have to be nickel-and-dimed for solutions that barely even pretend to be designed with the cloud in mind.

AppNeta Performance Manager helps teams stay collected, get eyes on all corners of their network and, ideally, zero in on issues before they impact end users. Through active and passive testing that follows app delivery hop-by-hop across all network environments -- from the public cloud to beyond firewalls at a remote office -- there’s practically no limit to what AppNeta can see. This allows central IT to have a local perspective into user experience wherever users are located, all without overburdening network capacity.


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