Report: COVID-19 speeding up enterprise path to cloud, containerization
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COVID-19 has been a game-changer across the enterprise space, forcing everyone from the C-Suite to the factory floor to modify their workflows and embrace new tech as part of their day-to-day operations.

A new report from Wind River shows that many enterprise executives aren’t viewing these sudden changes as stop-gap measures or short-term fixes before returning to the old way of doing business once the pandemic subsides. Rather, roughly a third of the American and Chinese executives polled indicated that COVID-19 has put digital transformation at the top of their list of business priorities, serving as a wake-up call to business leaders whose tech stack was ill-equipped to respond quickly to global quarantine orders.

Specifically, enterprise leaders indicated that they’ll place 50 percent more attention and investment into areas such as containers, and cloud-native technologies, the report stated. At the same time, 75 percent of C-suite, IoT, and DevOps leaders are modifying corporate strategies – with an eye toward cloud computing – to address COVID-19 and the possibility of future game-changing global events.

“Seismic events can disrupt our focus and thinking and force reassessment of drivers of future business success,” Wind River said in a statement. “The current COVID-19 pandemic is one of those major events producing a worldwide impact, especially given its reverberations on the two largest global economies, the US and China.”

Some specific areas of where investment is expected to jump most in the US include:

  • Container-based development (38 percent)
  • Cloud-based application development (35 percent)
  • Applications at the edge (25 percent)

It makes sense that enterprises are leveraging cloud – and specifically the deployment of containers to deliver cloud applications to remote users and teams – because these solutions offer an efficient and speedy path to digital transformation. Containers as a deployment scheme, in particular, can help decrease system overhead, increase application portability and improve consistency in app performance.

But as with any new tech deployment, teams need comprehensive visibility into network performance before, during and after to fully understand the potential impact of the new tech, the real-time effect it has on end-users and ongoing assurance that the deployment was a success after completion.

Setting up monitoring solutions in cloud environments such as these is significantly easier with AppNeta’s new container-based Monitoring Point. This enables enterprise teams to deploy monitoring outside of the firewall to enable performance visibility anywhere containers are supported, or right beside their apps in the cloud to provide a network reference for dual-ended monitoring.

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