Report: 69 percent of office workers say the 9-5 is dead
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As many enterprises close in on a second year of pandemic-induced remote work, research conducted by Poly has found that workers increasingly favor a work-from-anywhere approach—and are increasingly willing to advocate for this new flexibility.

“Employees have had a glimpse of a different life. Their expectations have changed. They want to enjoy greater balance in their lives and will act with greater agency to defend their new rights,” the Poly report reads. “Business leaders that attempt to snap back into pre-pandemic working patterns will be swimming against the current.”

This stance is supported by the fact that 69 percent of office workers polled say the 9-5 schedule has been replaced by “anytime working,” which is a boon for workers who want to relinquish the office commute, but may ultimately result in more hours on the clock.

Even still, 64 percent of those polled believe the pandemic has caused office culture to change indefinitely, and many are unwilling to go back to the old way (ie. noisy coworkers, frequent distractions) even if it means ultimately putting in more hours.

The top 5 benefits of working from home (WFH) in particular, according to the poll, include:

  1. Spending less time commuting
  2. Having a better work-life balance
  3. Feeling less stressed
  4. Spending less money on commuting
  5. Having more personal time.

Alternatively, the top 5 aspects of WFH that people miss most when they return to the office include:

  1. Increased personal time
  2. Finishing on time
  3. Wearing more casual attire
  4. Family time
  5. Having a lie in (ie. sleeping in late)

While the benefits are clear to many workers, 52 percent of those polled by Poly still believe that hybrid or full-time WFH workers could be discriminated against compared to their in-office colleagues. That said, 42 percent of respondents claim they will be prone to “noise rage” if colleagues are too loud once they return to work.

Furthermore, 62 percent of 18-24 year olds who took part in the survey have never even stepped foot in their current office. Of those, almost three quarters said the “thought of going into the office was keeping them up at night.”

Despite varying opinions on the pros and cons of full-time WFH (or even hybrid work), supporting remote users is a reality for modern enterprise IT that won’t be going away anytime soon, if ever. This calls for IT to deploy more agile, scalable solutions to help improve their support for a decentralized user base who increasingly rely on the enterprise network to do their job.


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