AppView: Remote Performance Management from an Application Perspective
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Apparent Networks Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on!

Yesterday, Apparent Networks released AppView Voice, the first of many application-specific remote performance management modules designed to complement and integrate with PathView Cloud.  AppView leverages the strengths of the existing PathView Cloud performance management platform by utilizing the zero-administration microAppliance to assess specific applications such as voice, video, web traffic and online data backup.

AppView offers performance monitoring and pre-assessment at the application level by creating and sending “real” application data through your network paths; effectively answering the question “How fast can this application function on my network?” Each module precisely models the behavior of the application on your network by protocol, port, packet size and packet spacing. Unlike PathView alone, AppView’s traffic is subject to higher level network configurations like traffic shaping, firewall rules, and QoS. AppView allows end users and managed services providers  to gain visibility and understanding of their networks with a level of precision not previously available.

One of the best parts of this announcement is that AppView Voice is free for all PathView Cloud customers between now and November 1st!  You will be able to use it on all paths between two sequencers when you log into your PathView Cloud account.

To learn more about the AppView modules, please  check out the Phone Plus Magazine coverage of AppView.

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