Remote Network and Application Performance is Critical to MSP Growth
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A Managed Service Provider’s survival is dependent on predictable and high-performing network and applications. End users will not pay for a faulty service. Period.

Ensuring that a customer’s network maintains optimal performance is a full time job, especially with the implementation of new IP based services such as VoIP, Video, VDI or cloud services. Having a technician on-site 24/7 could be a solution if it wasn’t completely unrealistic for business and very costly. With inconsistent and intermittent network problems,  how can you identify and resolve issues without sitting on-site, wasting money, time and energy? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you grow your business if all resources are dedicated to maintaining the current service?

Break-fix troubleshooting is no longer the means to business growth in today’s expanding networks and developing technologies. Increasing numbers of end users are selecting a service that provides constant network monitoring. The theory of this is that it is better to pay monthly to maintain a working network than deal with productivity losses once an issue occurs. End users can build these IT costs into the annual budget rather than suffer unpredictable costs once an issue occurs.

Remote performance monitoring is critical for IT outsourcers to be competitive in a business world that demands exceptional remote network and application performance.

MSPs Need Remote Site Performance Monitoring To:

  • Enable business critical services
  • Reduce trouble tickets
  • Eliminate truck rolls and on-site engineers
  • Provide monthly reporting and immediate performance alerts when problems arise
  • Differentiate your business from competitors who are using the traditional break-fix model
  • Real time data and records of the application and network life cycle

The ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot a customer’s complex IP network creates the opportunity for new recurring revenue with each customer. Perfect, that’s the whole point. However, there is a highly significant value in the cost savings of these capabilities. With remote site monitoring, technicians don’t waste time with truck rolls or endless searching for a problem. MSPs can keep their engineers in-house and proactively pinpoint issues remotely. You will know where an issue is, where it’s occurring and fix it before any customer complains. Technicians who do not spend their days troubleshooting are free to shift their attention to promoting the business. This new business offering allows MSPs to differentiate themselves from competition, increase credibility and increase efficiency – three benefits that all result in business growth.

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