Redefining hybrid work network management for 2021 and beyond
by Paul Davenport Paul Davenport on

Recently, we hosted a webinar with our Chief Customer Officer Adam Edwards and our Director of Global Alliances John Tewfik that discussed the concept of Hybrid Work; specifically, how both the definition and perception of hybrid work has evolved over the past couple of years, and what strategies need to be transformed in kind to navigate a Hybrid Work world.

For today’s episode, we’re sharing Part 1 of that conversation, where you’ll hear Adam kick us off with his take on how IT and ops teams used to manage hybrid workers, before John joins in to discuss some of the winning networking technologies that came in handy throughout the pandemic (specifically VDI), before unpacking some of the findings of AppNeta’s recent 2021 Future of Internet Outlook.

While this is just the beginning of our larger conversation around Hybrid Work (more to come in next week’s podcast), there’s a lot of valuable food for thought and considerations for any IT professional managing a decentralized worker footprint.

Enjoy this excerpt and be sure to tune in next week for Part 2 of our conversation, where we unpack what the future holds for Hybrid Work and share an “IT Checklist” for next-gen enterprise network management. Enjoy the show!


Hybrid Work
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